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"Gern" for "sein"

Hey, I was wondering if "gern" can be used for the verb "sein" too. For instance, can one say:

"Ich bin König gern.";

or with an adjective: "Ich bin frei gern."?

June 19, 2018



If you use the word "gern" you express that you like something.

Ich bin gern(e) König. = Ich mag es König zu sein.

Ich bin gern(e) frei. = Ich mag es frei zu sein.


Yes, you can combine gern with sein in German. Your example: "Ich bin gern König", i.e. "I like to be a king." or "I enjoy being a king."

Two more examples: "Ich bin gern zu Hause.", i.e. "I like to be at home." and "I wäre gern Millionär", i.e. "I would like to be a millionaire."

By the way: Gern and Gerne are synonyms in German.


Thanks! And can I use it after the object, instead of after the verb? As in "Ich spiele Fussball gern." at the end of the sentence?


That word order is possible, but it's not the most common, neutral one. It sounds like somebody was doubting that you like playing football, and you respond, "No, that's not true, ich spiele Fußball gern."

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