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"This university is my favorite."

Translation:Esta universidad es mi favorita.

June 19, 2018



Shouldn't this be "Este" universidad


Universidad is feminine, as are most words ending in -dad.


Correct me if I am wrong:

este= masculine for "this" esta= feminine for "this"


Yes. Its correct


Thank you! That's very helpful.


Thank you Sara, I had overlooked this.


All these words being feminine and masculine are very confusing.


Someone please help us all who are trying to learn Spanish especially those of us who want to speak it and understand as a second language, from English. How is a "University" a feminine word. Any websites you can recommend or just break it down very nicely. Please I'm having trouble with this.


I read once that sometimes they are gendered that way due to latin roots. That may be why? Not sure otherwise. :(


Thank you i'll take it .


I have a question. When do I use "este" and when do I use "esta"? Every time I think I have them figured out, I get them wrong. Is there a trick that I can use to tell these apart?


because the university is a feminine noun. Este is used for masculine nouns and Esta for feminine nouns mostly nouns ending with -o are masculine and those ending in -a and -dad are feminine


I never get the whole gendered thing, like why is a university a female?


Many languages of the world developed in this kind of assignment. You can see this even in Arabic. Some languages don't have this. Why are some things feminine and other masculine? I have no idea..


"Esta es mi universidad favorita" is correct too.


Why is it not "está mi favorita"? Seems like a transitory description.


That would be 'this my favorite' but we're trying to say 'this is my favorite university'


When do you use este and esta?


See the excellent post by Keller.....


i found that in the clothes section of duolingo, esta and este meant "this" and "that", but i can't remember which way around. most of my mistakes have been from typing "that university is my favourite" etc. why is this??


Esta and este are gendered-- esta is for feminine words and este is for masculine. You're thinking of este vs ese and esta vs esa


For all those confused, its a apparently a rule that all words ending in dad are feminine. So universidad also becomes la universidad See link below to clear this. There are more exceptions: https://www.e-spanyol.com/spanish-grammar/noun-gender.php


This is why im this particular statement it becomes EstA universiDAD es mi favoritA Hope this is clear. I'm also learning. But this is the explaintion. De nada para mi ayuda


In the text it used the word "peridida" instead of "favorito (a). What's peridida as I am not familiar not in previous lesson.


That is very odd. 'Perdida/o' means 'lost'. I'd love to have seen what Duo suggested that included that word.


Was it preferida, which is related to preferir, which means "to prefer"?


Yes. That would make more sense and be very likely. Duo will often give alternative words if your answer strays too much from any expected answer.


when do we use "esta" and "este" for this


Use 'este' for masculine words.
este libro = this book

Use 'esta' for feminine words.
esta mesa = this table.

Please note that 'ese' and 'esa' (meaning that) work the same way.

Also note that the plurals work the same except that the masculine forms replace the 'e' with an 'o'.
estos libros = these books


what is the difference????? favorita or favarito??? it means the same thing. Wat do yo use for a all men university vs an all womens university


This has nothing to do with the gender of the people at the university. The word 'universidad' is feminine so any adjectives describing it must match accordingly. Just the way Spanish works.

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