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  5. "Usted puede cubrir el coche."

"Usted puede cubrir el coche."

Translation:You can cover the car.

March 26, 2013



How can this sentence be used? By the word 'cover' does it only mean to place a cover (like some tarpaulin) over the car or can it mean to get insurance for it like we use the word cover it English?


I believe that both of the examples that you gave could be used, but it would depend on the subject and context of the sentence.

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How about to cover as in to keep my gun pointed towards it, like in a battle? Does cubrir also have that meaning?


It means that you can cover the car....with toilet paper, as a prank!


ha ha ha!!!!!! LOL


To remember that 'cubrir' means 'to cover' I like to think, in this instance, that I'm covering my car with cubes :)


However, if you remember cubrir is to cover, rather than to cube it ;) it's also the root of encubrir (to conceal, to cover up) and descubrir (uncover, discover).


Can it not mean 'pay for' as well? I thought cubrir could mean also mean cover the cab ride or something like that.


It can, and that meaning is very close to how "cover the costs" is used in English, and as in English, although it is not the primary meaning, it is very common. In general, anywhere you would use "cover" in English, you can use cubrir.

  • News coverage -la cobertura de noticias
  • Cover the debt-cubrir la deuda
  • Insurance coverage-coberturas de seguro
  • If you need a car, we have it covered-Si necesitas un coche, lo tenemos cubierto

One place where you will see some difference is when you intend that someone talked or wrote about some topic. In this case, English uses "cover" more often than Spanish uses cubrir. So while "We will cover that in our report"-cubriremos en nuestro informe makes sense, you will more often see other verbs indicating that "we will see", or "we will find" in that place.


Alphonse, gracias por los nuevos usos para "cubrir" con otra palabras. (┬┐Uso "por y para" correctamente? Ves otro errores?)

I noticed I wasn't listed as one of your followers, but I am. Do you know why that happens?


Hola skeptical, estas en mi lista de siguentes. No se porque no estoy en tuyo.

Has usando la palabra corecta. Por es usando cuando la intencion es "because of", "by way of", "around", o "through". No errores.


jindr004 Oh! I found my name on your follower list after all - my mistake. I was so tired when I did a couple of lessons, I made LOTS of mistakes! :-{


I thought so too


because there is a hail storm coming...


In english we would also say cover up the car if we covered the car with a tarpaulin but this was marked as wrong


English is my first language; I would never add a preposition to this unless you were trying to hide it, i.e. covering it with a gilly mesh


Hydro, saying "pick up, firm up, get up, speed up" are all common times to add "up," but it is overused, and can be left off much of the time, like when one washes (up) the dishes - no need for it there, or when one shakes (up) a can of paint. You could "shake up" an organization or the office, though, and "cover up" a crime!


I wondered if it could mean saying, put the convertible top back up, or something.


please do because I don't want my classic car getting dusty.


with a fashionable, hail resistant taurpalin, of course


To cover and to cover up mean the same thing in English. Why is it considered wrong?


I think encubrir would be the correct word for cover up. Cover or cubrir could mean insurance coverage or the like. Encubrir or cover up would have to mean covering with a tarp, paint, toilet paper, etc. Examples:(After we toilet paper their cars you can cover up my car to make it look like we didn't do it) (Since I don't have money for insurance, you can cover my car. You use it more than I do anyhow.) Maybe a native could help us out on this one?


Is "to take cover" or "to cover oneself" reflexive? Seems like it ought to be: Yo me cubro"?


Can anyone tell me the difference between cubrir and tapar????


From what I can find, cubrir (like cover in English) can be used by cattle, sheep or horse breeders to mean to mate with but I do not think tapar is.


I cover the water front...


Typo for my options. It listed can instead of car


I think "You may cover the car," ought to be accepted. Reported.


Does this also fit the English idiomatic use of covering the cost of something?


Jason, Alphonse "covered" several handy uses higher up in the forum. :-)


The word car was not even option.


Is this sentence right?


Has anyone else come across the word cubrir before when looking at the warnings on their heater?


What the difference between recubrir and cubrir, both of which mean "to cover"?


The RAE gives [the following definitions for recubrir]:

  1. to cover again
  2. to cover to completion
  3. to rethatch (repair the roof)


You can buy fabric car covers specially fitted to almost any car. So, you CAN cover the car.

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