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"Papá y yo siempre comemos juntos."

Translation:Dad and I always eat together.

June 19, 2018



Dad and I we always eat together, why was it marked as incorrect?


HelenPe, probably because you added the word 'we'. It is unnecessary and adding it actually changes the sentence structure slightly... at least in the English.


The only way “papa” doesn’t translate to “my father” in English is if “my father” and “dad” are two different people.


Or if ´Padre´ already translates to ´father´and so papá is seen to correlate to ´dad´ and ´papí´ to daddy etc.

When talking to about my father I may use ´HE, ´father´, ´daddy dearest´ and ´that silly old coot´and they all refer to the SAME person but to suggest they should be translated the same is nonsensical.


Why is this wrong ? Dad and I eat always together.


Im stillbhaving trouble with when to turn comes into comemos and the other forms of verbs. :/


In Spanish the verb endings are specific to the subject and tense. These verbs often follow patterns depending on the ending (er, ar, ir) of the infinitive form: Comer (to eat)

(Yo) Como = I eat

(Tú) Comes = You eat

(Nosotros) Comemos = We eat

I've found this site helpful for what verb ending you need (called conjugations). Warning, there is a lot of information there so don't be overwhelmed. Spanish verbs often follow patterns. Most 'er' ending verbs will share the same endings in their other forms.


Juntos is not clear


Pppffftt Poppa is the same as dad pfffftttt


I heard him pronounce "juntos" as "puntos," with a p. Is is pronounced with a p?


pog i got it first try


I wrote the EXACT same answer and it was marked wrong!! BOO HISS!


I ]m really tired of how poorly the words are pronounced by the presenters when I trying to understand what is being said. EX: juntas, or juntos. I can't tell the difference when the presenter said it so I got it wrong. Please tell the presenters to speak slowly and very clearly on each letter and syllable

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