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"Die beiden Frauen sind schön."

Translation:Both of the women are pretty.

March 26, 2013



What is the difference between Both women are nice and Both the women are nice??


Why "beiden" and not "beide"?


I don't understand the difference between nice and pretty and also in my language (russian) people usually translate schon as beautiful


yay, I'm not alone!

[deactivated user]

    Why beiden here and not beide? Is it because Frauen is plural? thx


    If I want to say Both women are pretty do I have to use "DIE beiden Fr...."? or I could say "Beiden Frauen ...." because in Spanish we use Ambos or Ambas, it's wrong to say Las Ambas or Los Ambos,and in English it's wrong to say The Both :S


    You can say "beide Frauen" (the declension is different if you have no article).


    I still don't understand the difference between "beide" and "beiden"

    why"Hallo ihr beiden"? but Ihr beide, bitte


    I'd say in those examples, you can actually use them interchangeable.


    I know that beiden is an adjective, but logically shouldn't we learn this with the numbers? I mean, logically, with other words like this. It is a bit strange to me. It is like eating the meal first then cook it ^^'


    I think that the word "beiden" is literally translated as "both", it isn't the German word for two ("zwei").


    Yes, I understand that, but it has a meaning, which includes 2. It is like the English word couple. But, never mind I guess, just need to learn it.


    how is "lovely" not acceptable?


    Because duolingo doesn't know, what does the sentence mean or could mean. In meaning lovely would be acceptable, but shön doesn't mean that. Shön is nice, good, maybe pretty. But yes, if you say something like that to a woman, she can understand it like "you are lovely".


    I always learned schön as lovely too. Oh well.


    What's the difference between fine and nice?


    As far as I understand, "fine" is usually just "ok", while "nice" is better.


    i could be utterly wrong here.. but just wondering...

    wouldn't it be more appropriate if this was translated as "Both women are pretty"?


    I wrote "both women are beautiful" (which it accepted) but it gives the translation as "the two women are pretty". Does this mean that you could write "Beiden Frauen sind schön" and that would also be correct?


    Well I put "cute".... lol


    Native English speakers: Is there a difference between "both the" and "both of the"?

    in another question I wrote "I am playing with both the cups" and I was marked wrong. The suggested answers were:

    I am playing with both cups/ I am playing with both of the cups


    can we say, The both of the women are pretty as a translation for this?

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