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Strengthen skills doesn't make tree golden

No matter how many times I use the general 'Strengthen Skills', it does not do anything to the 'weak skills'.

April 27, 2014



I've had two Skill (V. Pres 2 and To be) unstrengthened for around a week now. I'm not really sure what's going on here, but I was going to give it a bit more time to see if it fixed itself before I reported it.

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I had to repeat "clothing" three times to get it golden again.


Unfortunately, these are on skills which only require one run-through to restrengthen. But the problem lies with the general 'Strengthen Skills'.


If you are peaking often it will take much longer, maybe that could be an explanation?


Thanks, stwel. However, I rarely peek. I usually prefer to have a guess and be corrected by Duolingo. The words I get wrong, however, generally have nothing to do with those that need strengthening.


I have found this, however I figured it was because I had so many weak skills that the practice sessions weren't actually strengthening anything.


I think it's a problem with the algorithm that selects the skills/words. Basics 2 and Animals have been ungolden for a good couple of weeks. I think my grasp of the German language can cope with words like, 'mother' and 'dog' ;-).


I've found that if you 'strengthen skills' once for every skill not golden. So if you have three skills not golden, try 'strengthen skills' three times, for skills, four times, and so on. Try that.

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