In the following sentence The flowers are falling.

Die Blumen fallen.

In the aforementioned sentence there is no ''sind'' however the English sentence has ''are'' Please explain why sind ommited.



June 19, 2018


Hello! This is a common problem many people have when they start questioning the sentence structure and linguistic properties of German, so you're not alone! Now, in German, the method of constructing sentences is very different from English. In English, we have specific ways of defining tense and the other attributes of words in a sentence. For example, we say "the flowers are falling." In German, there is no distinction between "the flowers are falling" and "the flowers fall," which is why sometimes, certain sentences don't match up! There is no need to say "sind" in a sentence like this because it's implied through "fallen." If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!!! Hope this helps! :)

Dear Nickned Thank you indeed for your clarification.

No problem! Happy to help! :)

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