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  5. "We like soccer."

"We like soccer."

Translation:A nosotros nos gusta el fútbol.

June 19, 2018



"A nosotros" at the start is actually duplicate, adding nothing in this case.

The mandatory part is "Nos gusta el fútbol", which is accepted by Duo.

Hope this helps.


I said nos gusta el fútbol and they marked it wrong. Even the hint leaves out a nosotros. This is frustrating!!!!!! They requested for an answer. A nosotros.... How can i learn this language if there isnt consistency?


Be uncritical, like an infant learning their first language. That is how you learn without consistency. Adults tend to hinder their own learning by being critical.


I love this thought!


I loved what you said there. It is so true and if you practice it in everything you do you won't get frustrated. Unfortunately I've got the crying and whining like a baby down pat. I'm going to work on being uncritical. Thank you for the life lesson.


Thank you. This is so true.


I'm playing that to a tee then.


Great response!


I agree, starting to get frustrated, but im not giving up.


Duo accepts "Nos gusta el fútbol" as a right answer 29/11/2020


Nos gusta el fútbol is accepted.

From the database

Correct solutions:
A nosotras nos [agrada / gusta] el [balompié. / futbol. / fútbol.]
A nosotros nos [agrada / gusta] el [balompié. / futbol. / fútbol.]
A nosotros nos gusta el fútbol.
nos [agrada / gusta] el [balompié. / futbol. / fútbol.]


Sorry but I tried this and it was marked wrong.


Then report it because a nosotros is totally valid to leave off


I was going to complain because I used Nos gusta futbol and was marked wrong. They went over the use of NOS in the tips before the lesson. I don't know why Duo would on the first question want Nosotros nos. I got it wrong because I left out the EL futbol. Thanks for your comment.


You seem very knowledgeable. I useed the (A nosotros) and I thought I needed to put in (les or le) after nosotros. I'm really confused to see (nosotros nos). I went back to the tips and I'm still confused. I guess this is something I have to memorize.


why do you need to use both nosotros and nos.. they mean the same


"A nosotros" just adds emphasis that it's specifically WE who like soccer, not anybody else. However, the part that you really need is "Nos gusta el fútbol." The "a nosotros" is optional depending on the situation.


Isn't it also used to clarify who the "we" is, depending on context? Imagine a group of 3 kids, and a teacher says, "Les gusta el futbol?". One of the kids gestures to herself and one of the other kids and clarifies, "a nosostros (the two of us) nos gusta el futbol."


To add to your explanation, it's like saying, "To us, football pleases us." It emphasises it, like if you were having a conversation, and someone said they weren't pleased by football.


I agree, it's like saying us twice.


I didn't put el infront of fútbol. Why is el required?


In Spanish, when the subject of a sentence is a general concept, the definite article is used. In English, when the subject of a sentence is a generalization, the definite article is not used. To get a better understanding of why football is the subject, look at a more literal translation of the sentence. Football (subject) is pleasing to us.


Perhaps you could provide an example when the subject of the sentence is not a general concept, and thus does not require the definite article. For instance: American football.


I put "Nos gusta el fútbol" and it was rejected. Duo wanted "A nosotros nos gusta el fútbol."


You should report it.


Why do you need "el"?


Curious why we can't use the nosotros/nosotras form "gustamos" instead of the él/ella/usted form "gusta."

In the sentence we are talking about nos, si? Why then do we need to use the él/ella/usted form instead?


Because the conjugation of gustar is yo: me gusta, tú: te gusta, usted/ella/él: le gusta, nosotros: nos gusta, ellos: les gusta. If the thing you like is plural, you change it to gustan. (Me gustan los animales, le gusta la hamburguesa, nos gustan los árboles)


Because"el fútbol" Is what "pleases". So the verb "gustar" has to be conjugated to "el", not "nosotros". Remember with gustar and encantar you have to turn the sentence around.


I'm late to this convo, but to answer in a different way for future readers, the literal translation is "Soccer pleases us" or "Soccer is pleasing to us". Soccer is the subject that agrees with the verb. Like the other person said, it will either be singular (gusta) or plural (gustan) depending on what is pleasing to us.


I don't understand this "A" and "nos" stuff at all.


Is, nosotros, necessary in this sentence?


Seems like overkill. "Nos gusta el futbol," is ok to use.


A nos gusta el futbol is not right?


I think that would be an incorrect sentence. With 'A' you need to specify 'nosotros', 'él', 'ella', 'ellos', 'mi' (for yo), or 'ti' (for tu).


I don't understand this one


Why is A needed in this sentence .. in the previous question very similar A was not needed


A more literal translation of the Spanish sentence is Soccer is pleasing to us. The "a nosotros" is "to us." I do not know what the previous question was, but the Spanish sentence could be Nos gusta el fútbol. The a nosotros is redundant and can be left out.


A nos gusta el futbol is also correct. Duo, why is this wrong??!!


I don't think this is actually correct. "A nosotros nos gusta..." OR "Nos gusta..." are correct, but "A nos gusta..." is mixing the forms and therefore not correct.


I tried "A nos les gusta el futbol" and it was marked incorrect. Can't I use "nos" in place of "nosotros" and "les" in place of "nos"?


why cant i just say "gustamos el futbol"


Because that would mean "we please soccer" or "soccer likes us", which is the opposite of what you want to say.
Note that gustar works backwards from English. It doesn't actually mean "to like"; it means "to please". So nos gusta el fútbol literally means "soccer pleases us"; we just translate it as "we like soccer" because that's the more common way to say it in English. Fútbol is the subject of the verb here in Spanish (although "we" is the subject in the English sentence "we like soccer"), so the conjugation of gustar has to match fútbol, so you need the third-person singular conjugation, gusta, and not the first-person plural conjugation gustamos.
(Note that there are other verbs like gustar that work the same way, e.g. encantar which is normally translated as "to love" but actually means "to charm", or interesar which may be translated as "to be interested in" but means "to interest".)
Hope that helps!


Why the "A"and "el"


When is it el fútbol and when is it al fútbol? I thought after gusta it was always al.


Ok guys...... 'Nos gusta el futbol' is accepted


Os nosotros nos a way of trying to put a french flair into a sentence?


when you say 'a nosotros nos gusta el fútbol' in stead of 'nos gusta el fútbol', has it got any different meaning or different use? Are both equally correct in written language for example?


Both are correct; the difference is that when "a nostoros" is included it's more emphatic, like "we like soccer" rather than just "we like soccer".
Duo often includes optional pronouns just for teaching purposes I think, e.g. to demonstrate the full pattern of a mí me gusta, a él le gusta, a nosotros nos gusta, etc., even though you don't always need to include the a [xxx] part.


Can you simply say 'Nosotros Gusta fútbol' ?


No, it doesn't translate that way. In English, we say, "We like soccer." In Spanish, it translates to "Soccer is pleasing to us." Therefore, you have to use "nos," (to us) not "nosotros" (we). Nos gusta el futbol (literally, "to us is pleasing the soccer" but understood as "We like soccer")


Why not use "Nos gusta<sub>~</sub>"!?


why isn't it al futbol? gracias :)


Isnt a nosotros duplicate and confusing here?


The "A" is confusing. I didn't think it was necessary to emphasize "we". Is the use of "A" one of those things that is used "just Because"? I am really confused when you use "A".


why not nosotros gustamos el futbol?


(see my response to ryan171403)


I thank that futbol should mean football


Fútbol does translate to "football" in some places (e.g. England); but in American English it translates to "soccer" because "football" in American English refers to a different sport (you can search Google for images of fútbol to see that it refers to soccer/British English football, and not American football). Because Duo primarily uses American English that's why they default to "soccer", but they do accept "football" as an alternate answer when you're translating from Spanish to English.


HOW do determine when to put A in front of the sentence


Here's the general pattern for saying somebody likes something:
I like = "[a mí] me gusta"
You like = "[a ti] te gusta"
He/she likes = "[a él/ella] le gusta"
We like = "[a nosotr@s] nos gusta"
They like = "[a ell@s] les gusta"

The bit in [square brackets] is generally optional. So if you leave it off and just say e.g. nos gusta, then there's no a at the start. If you include a nostoros (or a mí, a ti, etc.), then you need the a. The a is like the "to" in "soccer is pleasing to us" (which is a more literal translation of "a nosotros nos gusta el fútbol").

In some sentences though, where you are saying something is pleasing to a specific person, you will need to include the a [xxx] bit at the start. E.g. for "my dad likes soccer", it needs to be "a mi papá le gusta el fútbol" ("soccer is pleasing to my dad"), because if you omitted the a mi padre bit and only wrote le gusta el fútbol then we wouldn't know we were talking about my dad anymore. So that will always include the a. Similarly, "Pedro likes soccer" would be "a Pedro le gusta el fútbol" ("soccer is pleasing to Pedro") and needs the a.

Hope that helps!


What a frustrating lesson! I just started copying the correct answers so I can record them the next time the sentence pops up.


Why are we now using an "A" before the word.


Soccer is used in America not spain.


Welll ok but the "a" is mandatory if you add nosostros and can be left out if not?


If you add nosotros, you must add "a nosotros". If you leave out nosotros, you must also leave out the a. Those two words are an all-or-nothing deal when it comes to gustar (and other verbs like it, like encantar or interesar).
a nosotros nos gusta [...] -> correct
nos gusta [...] -> correct
nosotros nos gusta [...] -> wrong
a nos gusta [...] -> wrong


Being uncritical is a grand idea and she is right. however it is very confusing when sometimes its used and other times not??? It makes it harder to learn


Why do we even use 'A nosotros'?


I put "A nos gusta el fútbol" would that be incorrect?


Correct again, but marked incorrect.


I thought we use the "A" at the beginning, when we are not speaking directly to the person? Is that the general rule?

But this says "we" which would include myself, so why put an "A" at the start please? Thank you!


Would " Nosotros gustar el futbol" be an acceptable answer and if not, why?


That would be wrong. It can be " Nos gusta el fútbol"


You need to conjugate gustar. Gustar is one of those "reverse" verbs where the Spanish actually translates as "soccer pleases us". So you need to use "gusta" to go with the third person singular "it pleases" = gusta. Try googling a link on the verb gustar. It will really help. I am sorry that I do not know of a link off hand.


Nosotros le gusta fútbol


le gusta indicates he/she likes. nos gusta indicates we like The nosotros does not fit here. What you have said is "We he likes football. You either want A nosotros nos gusta el fútbol or Nos gusta el fútbol.


We we like football? Are they serious!


Why doe duo waste so much time on this type of Spanish? Our children are fluent, truly bi-lingual. They would never ever use such grammer.


Which part of Duo's sentence are you objecting to? Are you referring to the fact that they included a nosotros in the beginning? When Duo has a sentence with optional pronouns in the default answer like that, they (pretty much always) do also accept it without the pronoun, e.g. just "nos gusta el fútbol", so you can certainly write it like that if you prefer.
Bear in mind that a lot of people here are very new to the language (I didn't have any background with Spanish at all when I started), and seeing explicitly how nos goes with a nosotros, seeing the full word order, etc., can be helpful when someone is first learning the patterns, even though it's not grammatically required.


"We like soccer."

Answer: "A nosotros nos gusta el fútbol."

Ummm no no


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