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  5. "We like soccer."

"We like soccer."

Translation:A nosotros nos gusta el fútbol.

June 19, 2018



"A nosotros" at the start is actually duplicate, adding nothing in this case.

The mandatory part is "Nos gusta el fútbol", which is accepted by Duo.

Hope this helps.


I didn't put el infront of fútbol. Why is el required?


In Spanish, when the subject of a sentence is a general concept, the definite article is used. In English, when the subject of a sentence is a generalization, the definite article is not used. To get a better understanding of why football is the subject, look at a more literal translation of the sentence. Football (subject) is pleasing to us.


Perhaps you could provide an example when the subject of the sentence is not a general concept, and thus does not require the definite article. For instance: American football.


why do you need to use both nosotros and nos.. they mean the same


"A nosotros" just adds emphasis that it's specifically WE who like soccer, not anybody else. However, the part that you really need is "Nos gusta el fútbol." The "a nosotros" is optional depending on the situation.


I put "Nos gusta el fútbol" and it was rejected. Duo wanted "A nosotros nos gusta el fútbol."


You should report it.


Why do you need "el"?


Curious why we can't use the nosotros/nosotras form "gustamos" instead of the él/ella/usted form "gusta."

In the sentence we are talking about nos, si? Why then do we need to use the él/ella/usted form instead?


Because the conjugation of gustar is yo: me gusta, tú: te gusta, usted/ella/él: le gusta, nosotros: nos gusta, ellos: les gusta. If the thing you like is plural, you change it to gustan. (Me gustan los animales, le gusta la hamburguesa, nos gustan los árboles)


Because"el fútbol" Is what "pleases". So the verb "gustar" has to be conjugated to "el", not "nosotros". Remember with gustar and encantar you have to turn the sentence around.


Is, nosotros, necessary in this sentence?


Seems like overkill. "Nos gusta el futbol," is ok to use.


A nos gusta el futbol is not right?


I think that would be an incorrect sentence. With 'A' you need to specify 'nosotros', 'él', 'ella', 'ellos', 'mi' (for yo), or 'ti' (for tu).


Os nosotros nos a way of trying to put a french flair into a sentence?


Why is A needed in this sentence .. in the previous question very similar A was not needed


A more literal translation of the Spanish sentence is Soccer is pleasing to us. The "a nosotros" is "to us." I do not know what the previous question was, but the Spanish sentence could be Nos gusta el fútbol. The a nosotros is redundant and can be left out.


A nos gusta el futbol is also correct. Duo, why is this wrong??!!


when you say 'a nosotros nos gusta el fútbol' in stead of 'nos gusta el fútbol', has it got any different meaning or different use? Are both equally correct in written language for example?


A nosotros nos gusta el fútbol


I put "A nos gusta el fútbol" would that be incorrect?


Would " Nosotros gustar el futbol" be an acceptable answer and if not, why?


That would be wrong. It can be " Nos gusta el fútbol"


You need to conjugate gustar. Gustar is one of those "reverse" verbs where the Spanish actually translates as "soccer pleases us". So you need to use "gusta" to go with the third person singular "it pleases" = gusta. Try googling a link on the verb gustar. It will really help. I am sorry that I do not know of a link off hand.


"We like soccer."

Answer: "A nosotros nos gusta el fútbol."

Ummm no no



Nosotros le gusta fútbol


le gusta indicates he/she likes. nos gusta indicates we like The nosotros does not fit here. What you have said is "We he likes football. You either want A nosotros nos gusta el fútbol or Nos gusta el fútbol.

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