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'me' in chinese

ahem I don't mean to disturb anyone, but in China, 'wo' is 'me'. XD

June 19, 2018



cute pun, but as others have said, it sounds nothing like 'woe' - at least not to a Chinese person.


Thank you, waikong! One other person and I got downvoted for pointing that out. :) I think that the similarity between the pinyin spelling wǒ and the English spelling "woe" gives the impression that they are same to the English-speaking brain, and a lot of new students of Mandarin do erroneously pronounce 我 like English "woe," at least at first. But the actual final vowel is of course different.


What grump would down vote that piece of info!? Chinese is all about tones, get the tones wrong and its a different word. A lingot for you.


When I was in first-year Chinese at university, one of my classmates (who was male) pointed to the sign on the ladies' room door and said, "Hey, this bathroom is for all of us. See, it says 'women' (我们)!"

We all thought that was rather clever at the time. :-)


I'd wonder why we've travelled back in time to the Shang dynasty, if I were yu.


Ha! I noticed that too. You may have a lingot for actually saying it.


It's the pinyin for 'me' (and kinda how you say it but don't sound english). Wo = 我

[deactivated user]

    To be exact it's wǒ :)

    Not to interrupt your train of thoughts, of course, carry on, never mind me.


    我/Wǒ sounds like the English word 'woe', meaning dismay/misery. It's typically used in the expression "woe is me," which sounds similar to how in Chinese, 'wǒ' is (means) 'me.'


    Not to be a wet blanket on the party here, but 我 isn't pronounced exactly like "woe" - it's more like "wo-ah." Wikipedia likens it to the word "war" with the final "r" dropped, which I think is pretty accurate.

    Of course, it's still understandable in terms of the pun. But pronouncing 我 as "woe" will definitely brand you as a foreigner. That's just been my experience over the last 33 years, since I first started learning Chinese. :-)


    '我' actually doesn't sound like the English word 'woe'


    JPRasputin For anyone who speaks English, my advice to you for pronouncing 我 would be to say the word "war" and then try to drop the "r" sound at the end.


    I'm having a hard time telling if I'm being trolled or if people actually don't understand. I know how 我 is pronounced; I was explaining OP's pun to someone who didn't get it.


    It was the "it's a matter of opinion" post further down that made it unclear. But I'll give you a lingot, too, just to show that I was neither trolling you nor attacking you personally. ✌


    I can't tell, either, so I'm giving you a lingot for your pain.


    I just got a mental picture of some of my friends in the US trying to pronounce the pinyin for "I will" in Chinese 我会--( wo hui) as "Woah, hooey!"


    me in chinese sounds like 'woh' just saying


    我是个祸患/ Woe is me. Haha pretty genius.

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