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  5. "¿Cuántos años tienes tú?"

"¿Cuántos años tienes tú?"

Translation:How old are you?

June 19, 2018



What is the use of tú at the end of the sentence.


Well. The" tú" it is optional. I ask you ¿Cuántos años tienes? ¿ Tú ,cuántos años tienes? ¿ Cuántos años tienes tú? The last two sentences are redundant or emphatic. Y tú ¿ Cuåntos años tienes?


I have been to numerous spanish speaking countries nobody uses the tu at the end


Can I say "¿Cuántos años tú tienes?" as well or is it more natural (or perhaps a rule) to use the pronoun ("tú" in this case) at the end of the sentence?


It's not a rule, but more a matter of accepted style. Remember that the pronoun is even optional, so "Cuántos años tienes?" is perfectly fine.

Using the pronoun would indicate emphasis or contrast, like saying, "Ella tiene ocho años, y ¿cuántos años tienes tú?"




Again, a very important phrase to learn.


If you listen at normal speed it asks CUANTAS slowed down it is CUANTOS.


At least Duolingo acknowledges that "tienes tú" is correct in a question. Before, they counted it wrong.


I like to translate as similar to the flow of the original language as possible even if it sounds a little weird on english... So here it came out like "How many years are you" - but it would not accept it. I still think it is a better translation Word by word, and should be accepted... I have proven my understanding, right?


I wouldn't accept that any more than what someone suggested two years ago as the Spanish, "Cómo de viejo eres tú?". It's just not said that way. We don't translate "word by word" for a very good reason.


I agree. Translating word for word help me to understand the sentance structure better.


Hello Spanish learners! So how old are you? I'll start, 23


"What is your age?" is as colloquial as "How old are you?" A literal translation doesn't work so we have to guess the idiom Duolingo might choose. Now I prefer to guess, catch and deduce the Spanish meaning rather than be too concerned about Duo's opinion.


Literal traslation ¿Cómo de viejo ere tú?


No, I don't think viejo can be used in that fashion. This is a case where literal translations don't convey the meaning. "How many years do you have?" is how the Spanish is phrased, we just wouldn't say it like that in English.


But in Spanish you don't say that, just like in English you wouldn't say "How many years do you have".

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