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汉语 vs 中文

Can anyone tell me what’s the difference between Hànyǔ and Zhōngwén please?

June 19, 2018



They are functionally equivalent. People will know what you mean if you say either. If someone wants to get pedantic with you, they will. But most people won't.


As a native Chinese speaker, they don't really have a huge difference in my eyes, but i would say "hanyu" is a fancier word than "zhongwen". You wouldn't normally hear people saying "huanyu" in daily life.


汉语 is just a fancy way of saying 中文,hanyu is more textbook while zhongwen is something u would use in a conversation


It's really simple!

Hànyǔ = the language of the Han (China is quite a ethnically diverse country even though the Hans account for 90 ish percent) Zhōngwén = the language of China

I think you probably know the difference of yu and wen by now so no need to explain.


"Hànyǔ" means "the language of Han people". "Zhōngwén" means "the (written)language of China".

Most ethnic minorities in China will prefer to use "han yu" or "han hua" when talking about Mandarin, because "zhong wen" or "guo yu" kinda implies that only Chinese is the language of the country.

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