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"Ellos están en el parque ahora."

Translation:They are at the park now.

June 19, 2018



Sounds like "ellas" to me (everytime I listen to it).


I agree, it sounds like ellas. It seems Duo uses them as interchangeable on occasion. Wouldn't a native speaker understand if I used ellos or ellas? Might they (native speakers) think my vision is not so good? And these days it can be challenging to distinguish genders of one, much less a group!


Does anyone else have difficulty distinguishing between the sounds of "ellos" and "ellas?" I have to listen, over and over again, to tell the difference and, even then, I get it wrong half the time. Guess I am more hard of hearing than I thought!


They are IN the park now?


Don't look for too much logic in prepositions. In English they are mostly just a matter of idiom, and i suspect Spanish is the same.


in or at the park are both correct


"In" was rejected 2019-07-01 :-\


How come "They're at the park right now " is incorrect?


right now would be "este momento"


"en este momento" would be "at the moment" and "ahora mismo" is actually "right now".


"Ellos" and "están" are two seperate words, like they and are, are two. And the word for "right" is not there.


I meant no disrespect, I was hoping to allow you the opportunity to learn the word for right (mismo) by yourself, but I see from other people who commented that you know already. Good language journey to you! :-) You should repeat everything you learn at least three times, and write it down if you have to, to remember. May your journey be filled with adventures of peace and harmony.


in my experience, "in the park" is far more common than "at the park".


Sure sounds like ellas to me. the woman's voice is the less clear in these lessons


I wrote: They are in the park now. Why was that incorrect?

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