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  5. "Tú tocas muy bien el piano."

" tocas muy bien el piano."

Translation:You play the piano very well.

June 19, 2018



Should we always be putting the adverbs (muy bien) right after the verb (tocas), or is this just one of many acceptable word orders?


Thank you. That article was very helpful!


Thank you for posting. It was exactly the answer I needed. I wish there was a way to look these things up on Thought Co. myself because all the great posts on discussion boards come from the website, but I haven't been able to navigate on it to find what I am looking for.


I would like to know as well


Why is it "Mi marido toca la guitarra muy bien" but "Tu tocas muy bien el piano" ?????


They're also right "Mi marido toca muy bien la guitarra" and "Tu tocas el piano muy bien".

Different place for emphasis.

"Tu tocas muy bien el piano". "Tu tocas el piano muy bien".


that was what i thought! but i wrote "you play very well on the piano" and it wasn't accepted


what are the difference between “jugar” and “tocar”?


Jugar means "to play" and tocar means "to touch." In English, we use the word "play" to describing making music with an instrument, but in Spanish, we use the word "touch."

Which one makes more sense to you? If I were making up my own language, I think it might be fun to use the word "drive" instead: I drove my guitar through all my favorite pop songs. Or maybe I "sounded" the piano. Or I "worked" that violin. In Spanish, use tocar.


Thanks that explains a lot and makes perfectly scense to me!

In my language(japanese), to play guitar or any musical instrument will be like “ flick guitar (or any instrument) with your fingers”. To play sports will be like “to do sports “


Thanks for those fun facts. Flick with fingers! In Spanish you "practice" (practicar) sports, so that's different, too.


that's so interesting! i never stopped to think about it, in my language we have so many different options for music, we can "flick" instruments that have cords like harp guitar or even the piano, we can "drum" the drums but we mostly use a specific verb that means something like "tune", my language is so strange...


I live that! For rock music you could use the word, ram.


Jugar means to play a game, while tocar means to play an instrument


In English we can leave out the article. "You play piano very well" is also correct


why is "muy bien" after tocas? would "Tú tocas el piano muy bien" be an acceptable way to say it?


Is "el" in "el piano" necessary?


I'm not learning when to use tu (with an accent on the u) and when not to use an accented u. Thanks ahead for your help.


Use the accent to mean "you," but leave it off to mean "your."

In general, when you use an accent mark to differentiate between different meanings rather than different pronunciation, the accent is used for the less common word. And because you often don't even need to use the subject for second-person singular ("you"), "you" is the less commonly used word.


What's the difference?


I don't know the sentence structure very well. I thought you say the noun first. I would have said: Tu el piano muy bien.


Help! Mi marido toca la guitarra muy bien. Why is Muy Bien at the end? Why isn't this sentence structured the same? The thought co. article said it could be after the verb it modifies. Why wasn't it after the verb this time?

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