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"That green shirt is more expensive than the yellow one."

Translation:Esa camisa verde es más cara que la amarilla.

June 19, 2018



"Aquella camisa verde es más cara que la amarilla" should also be accepted.


my question too. Why is esa better here than aquella?


Same. Can a native speaker please explain why it's wrong? Thanks.


Nevermind. I tried it again with "aquella" and it was accepted. I must've made another mistake somewhere in the sentence the first time... perhaps using "caro" instead of "cara".


why does 'verde' not change into 'verda' in combination with camiseta, and 'amarillo' doés change into 'amarilla?'


There my be some exceptions, but generally adjectives ending in -e are invariable, used for masculine and feminine. The ones that change ending are normally the ones that are found in the dictionary ending in -o. Alto / alta, bajo / baja, etc.

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