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"El jefe tiene una oficina nueva."

Translation:The boss has a new office.

June 19, 2018



A new car and a new office!!! Business is good!!!


and the workers get the scraps


The female voice, aaaah, drives me nuts. For many reasons. One, she consistently says "eena" for una. She is the most difficult voice to hear or understand. I think the audio is fiddled or tampered with, just to provide a measure of aggravation. Recommend everyone complain. Maybe this will stop.


As a former language teacher, allow me to point out that learning to roll with the punches with native speakers 'in the lab' will benefit you immeasurably 'out in the field.' Speakers in every language elide (e.g. when we say "singing in the rain" we tend to say "singin' in th'rain." We encounter a variety of diction/enunciation and even just loud environments that can intrude on our comprehension -- we just don't notice it in languages we're competent in. When I have trouble understanding some of the sentences spoken here, I listen several times on normal speed and use it an an opportunity to reinforce my ability to pick words out. (There are occasional audio glitches, but the majority of the issues I see people raise with the recordings have to do with elision -- happily it gets easier the most exposure you have to native speakers!) Best to you in your language endeavours :)


Me too or I should say yo tambien


Is there a reason why "neuvo" was placed before "carro", but "neuva" came after "officina" (...un neuvo carro; ...una oficina neuva)?


I believe when it is before it means "newly made" and after means "new to the person"


This is exactly the same question I have.


Una? It sounds like she is saying ina.


she slurs the last vowel in una with the beginning vowel in oficina. Common in latin based languages, but difficult when learning. In this case we would need to know un or una ourselves...or listen to her voice on slow speed!


When is it jefe and when is it jefa? I'm a bit confused


March 26th 2019- You use "Jefe" for a male boss and "Jefa" for a female boss. Just like how a boy is "Nino" in Spanish and girl is Nina". Typically in Spanish when using feminine words you have an 'a' at the end and with masculine you have an 'e'. That's been my experience anyway. Hope it helped.


Jefe or jefes is when there is a male boss or bosses and jefa is a female boss


Jefe is male jefa is female


I got it wrong for accidentally typing "bos" instead of "boss".


Try speaking your English answers into your phone's Mic. It helps me a lot with autocorrect


I cant see the mistake I make because the correction covers it up. I hate that!


Or they don't give a translation so we can work out where we went wrong. Nope too focused on forcing us to quit or pay. This app has seriously become so frustrating and i want to quit because of the heart systems punishment. After doing this daily for 5years and reading "we want to make learning free and fun" i don't think i can keep upsetting my mornings when it used to be a plesent learning thru error and being able to just go until i got it. Now i can't keep learning until i refil hearts. They also removed watch adds for gems so refilling hearts will be impossible soon, lucky i saved most of my lingots. When theyre gone so am i. So sad. Shame on you duo


The lady is having trouble speaking properly in the language. It would help so much if she was able to enunciate properly. Also, many times i have been right and counted wrong.


Nueve means nine. Nuevo means new. You have a misspelled word.


Another exact match gets rejected. And you think people will pay for this?


Nueva,nueve? Couldn't hear it so i couldn't split them.


shouldn't it be una oficina?


why nueva??? instead of nueve???


"nueva" for feminine "new", for masculine use "nuevo". "Nueve" is just "nine"


Can't advance it


I missed a letter and it counted ny sentence as wrong. Other times Duolingo credits me with the sentence???


I first translated jefe as chief and was marked wrong. But I still like it


I heard her say tienen.

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