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Perfekt with Präteritum?

Hello again,

Is there ever a time when you would use the Perfekt tense with the Prâteritum? For example, would I say:

"Julia hatte Spaß im Zoo mit ihrer Familie."


"Julia hatte Spaß im Zoo mit ihrer Familie gehabt."

Thank you!

June 19, 2018



The second sentence is in a tense called Plusquamperfekt and similar to English past perfect. It has the same usage:: taking about something in the past that was before something else in the past

Fun fact: Some people use the Plusquamperfekt far too often, Heidi Klum is a famous example. There is even a hashtag "Klumquamperfekt".

Off topic: I'd change the word order to: Julia hatte mit ihrer Familie Spaß im Zoo.


For example:

Nachdem sie im Zoo Spaß gehabt hatten, gingen sie Eis essen.

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