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"Señor, ¿cuándo quiere usted comprar las casas?"

Translation:Sir, when do you want to buy the houses?

June 19, 2018



Marked me wrong for using Mister


I know Mister or Mr. should be accepted


I have a difficult time hearing the difference between señor and señor from el señor Robot.


Happened to me also.


Herb and Joshua, etc., in English, it's considered more polite to use "Sir" than "Mister," when talking to a man whose last name you don't know. If you know his last name, though, you would say "Mr. [Last Name]."


I still want to know why it's quiere usted instead of usted quiere. Is this a special case for usted? Because Duolingo has used tu quieres (sorry, I can't put the accent over the u in tu) in questions multiple times; I'd think that it would be the same with usted.


For simple yes/no questions, the normal declarative statement word order can be retained, and in writing the "¿?" symbols are used. In speaking the tone is raised at the end of the sentence.

When question words are used the Spanish question formula is:

¿(Preposition) + question word + conjugated verb + (subject) + (additional information)?

The items in parentheses are optional.

Ref: https://www.realfastspanish.com/grammar/asking-questions#more-4442


So the Secret is whether or not there's a question word! Duo should have given TIPS on that! wow have saved a lot of unnecessary confusion


I wrote Mr. and not Sir. How could that be wrong?!


Because they don't really mean the same thing in most of the world.

Picture someone in the army: "MISTER YES MISTER" You'd be doing push ups for the rest of your life. They don't have the same meaning in speech.


If quiere means do you want, why use usted


Michael, you don't have to use usted. Duo apparently only puts it in the prompt to show where it goes in a question if you choose to use it.


because using "señor" makes the sentence formal.so instead of" quieres comprar" we better use "quiere usted comprar" which is the formal form.


When do I want to buy the houses? As soon as I am a millionaire. Any day now. ;-)


I wrote Mr. instead of sir. Wrong.... Should be right!!!


Mr. should be accepted

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