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Moving to Germany (Masters Program in Germany)


I am planning to move to Germany in September to start an Master's Engineering program. I don't personally know anyone who has done this before; So finding all the speed bumps has been a little frustrating. But I am getting everything together for the move and living in Germany for two years.

Even though there is a lot of information out there. I wonder if any of yall had pointers for moving to Germany, dealing with the bureaucracy, things to watch out for....


June 20, 2018



Honestly, having lived in Germany for several years, I really do not think that people face more bureaucracy in their everyday lives than people in North America. When you move, you do have to go to the city office "Einwohnermeldeamt" to report your address to the city government, but that is the only special bureaucracy that you have to deal with. It kind of depends on what you'll end up doing, though. Getting married or divorced is much, much more complicated in Europe than in North America, and if you have children, there is more bureaucracy involving the particulars of sending them to school and so on. If you are just going to study and not work, you're not likely to have any special hurdles as long as you have enough money to pay for your expenses (you won't receive public assistance as a foreigner), and after a few months you'll probably be surprised at just how similar life in Germany is. That's been my experience, at least. In almost any situation involving living abroad, the language is usually far and away the single biggest problem, and once you master the language, you'll find that people and the lives they live are not that much different wherever you go. Good luck!


Congratulations on your acceptance to a Master's Engineering program. One thing I would do is look at the Discussion forum posts for moving to Germany, as there are many with suggestions, tips, recommendations, etc. Best wishes. :)


Culturally: The Germans will seem very blunt; if they disagree with something you say, they will let you know. It isn't personal.

Eat spätzle.

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Werden die Klassen auf Deutsch sein? Wie gut ist dein Deutsch?

Viel Glück und hab Spaß.


"Klassen" sagen wir nur in der Schule. Aber es geht um ein "Master's Program". Es ist also an einer Uni. Und da sagen wir "Vorlesung". Außerdem würden wir auch an einer Schule nicht sagen "Werden die Klassen auf Deutsch sein?", sondern "Wird der Unterricht auf Deutsch sein?", weil "Klasse/Klassen" die Gruppe von Schülern bezeichnet, aber nicht die Unterrichtsstunden bzw. den Unterricht. I am in the class 5B. -> Ich bin in der Klasse 5B. I have to go to class now. -> Ich muss jetzt in den Unterricht.


Ich glaube, dass Ich konnte eine B1 Prufung bestehen. Die Unterrichte werden auf Englisch sein. Ich werde Deutsche auch studieren

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  1. Lektion: Prüfung ;-)


Best German sentence to know: "Bist du heute Abend frei?"


Hmm, ich stelle mir vor, wofür man das brauchen kann :D


I am also moving to Germany for my PhD!


Helpful and I must say Please consider the things to do as soon as you land in Germany. As an example bring some euros. If you are a student then you have a blocked bank account. To get money out of it will take some time and meanwhile, you have to travel and visit different places. You have to eat. Bring some Euros. Put your name on the mailbox. Make sure your name is correct. You are about to receive a lot of love letters from all the government offices. Here are some more helpful tips. https://driveegermany.com/things-to-do-as-an-expatriate-when-you-arrive-germany/ I would advise bring some eatable items too.

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