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"Nosotros somos estudiantes de Europa."

Translation:We are students from Europe.

2 months ago



Could this also mean, "We are students of Europe" (i.e., of European history, culture, etc.)? If not, how would you say that in Spanish?

2 months ago


The Spanish version of speaking often does not take the same meaning for words that we have. So they would not say "We are students of Europe" the proper form should be "We are studying Europe" if you were trying to say that properly. So that would be "Estudiomos Europa"

2 months ago


I just reread my comments van saw all my spelling errors. Not because I don't know, but poor at texting on this small keyboard. Need to take time to proofread. And I'm tired at night. Give me a break, I'm 75,and work at this almost every day

2 months ago


Rebecca when you start your program instead of hitting the start button hit the little icon to the right of the start button. Then, if you get enough right it lets you skip that chapter.

1 week ago

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"We are European students" is also accepted.

1 month ago


No it wasn't with me. Naughty Duolingo!

4 weeks ago


Dorry thisvis so slow and boring I fall asleep and miss words and hitcwrong keys. Why cany qecselwct the level wecwantvto work at? I can't take the time to slog thru all this beginning stuff when I'm much further along, like level 4 in most. My hand spasms often and hits the keyboard randomly.

2 months ago