"Pardon, we need forks."

Translation:Disculpe, necesitamos tenedores.

June 20, 2018

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Doea it not work to ask: Perdon, nosotros necesitamos los tenedores?


That would be "we need the forks", the article is not required in this case.


or, necesitamos los tenedores.

why do i need "de"?


Came to ask the same - why do you say "de tenedores" not "los tenedores"?


Why is de needed? The translation above does not have de. I had also added los. When is the definite article needed


Necesitar can sometimes be used with de, but it would sound unnatural to use it in this sentence, the system usually provides the closest answer to the one you entered, since you added an unnecessary word (los), the system gave you a correction that had an extra word too.

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"Perdon, necesitamos los tenedores" is incorrect. How do I know when I need to use an article and when I don't? Why is this incorrect but an article is needed when speaking of the time of day or day of the week?

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