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Ruhig vs Leise

Yes fellow Duolingers! They're different words but I still want to know how are they different, because they both shares the German translation of 'quiet'. So can you guys please, impart a bit of knowledge upon me? A hearty thanks in advance!

June 20, 2018



Well, you are right both words are translated with the word: quiet. I would use ruhig if I wanted to say something is also calm, it isn't only about being in a quiet place where you can't hear anything loud but it is more comforting. You can say: "Ich bin in einem ruhigen Zimmer." , which implies that it is really quiet in there and maybe relaxing.

Er spricht mit einer ruhigen Stimme. = He is talking quietly (and it sounds comforting)

Er spricht mit leiser Stimme. = He is talking quietly (because he doesn't want to wake up somebody)

The difference between those two is rather small.


You are right, but the word "ruhig" offers yet another possibility to be used. Example: "Du kannst ruhig schon ins Bett gehen, ich bleibe noch wach" In this case "ruhig" doesn't have anything whatsoever to do with "quiet". Rather it would translate into something like "You can AS WELL go to bed, ..."


Yup, that's is correct.. ;-))


leise = with low noise

ruhig = either the same (sei ruhig - be quiet) or calm (not excited). The ocean might be "ruhig - calm" but never "leise - not loud"


Everyone else seems to have already answered these thoroughly, but I'll just provide my opinion because I love explaining! :) It's a matter of connotation. Connotation is what the word implies and the feeling it invokes. Leise simply means quiet. There's little noise in the atmosphere. Ruhig implies calmness and a still setting. "Ruhig vs leise" is "still vs quiet." Hope this helps! :)


Jah, moechte auch zustimmen...ruhig kann auch "calm" sein. Auf Englisch: Yes, ruhig implies "quiet" because most times if we are experiencing "calm" or "peace" within or outside of ourselves, it is also quiet in terms of volume...but not always! Say my roommates are fighting...yet again. They are yelling at each other but I am calm within myself because I know that in 1 month, I will be moving out and leaving them behind. So... Meine Mitbewohner sind nicht "leise"; ich bin aber trotzdem "ruhig"weil ich weiss, bald hoere ich diese zwei nicht mehr! (My roommates are not quiet; I am nevertheless calm because I know that soon I won't hear these two anymore)

Eh...hope that helps :)

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