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  5. "Can you take my brown purse?"

"Can you take my brown purse?"

Translation:¿Puedes coger mi cartera marrón?

June 20, 2018



Can't we just say coges mi cartera marrón?? Elsewhere we are being taught to leave out poder...


Yes, I was just marked wrong for that. Duolingo is annoyingly inconsistent.


27/11/2019 this answer is accepted now. "Puedes coger..." is being offered as an alternative solution, but I'm passive-aggressively refusing to use it after having it flagged wrong in the lesson that taught that Spanish leaves out the "can you/would you" stuff.


Did anyone try ¿Tomas mi cartera marrón? or ¿Llevas mi cartera marrón?


Puedes tomar.... accepted 29 Oct 2020


I have the same question. Can someone answer this please?


I guess asking for a favor doesnt need poder so report it


Still marks it wrong!!!!


Agree - does anyone have an answer to this question?


I thought the same thing.

I think the distinction is whether you're really asking them if they CAN, or if you're just asking a favor. That distinction shows up in Spanish but not English.

Can you physically hold this... are you able to or not? = puedes cojer Since I already know you are able to hold this, will you please hold it for me? = cojes


I know in Mexico "coger" is rude and should be avoided. What should this verb be if I was in Monterrey? Tomar? Recoger?


Okay. I went ahead and asked a friend who grew up in Monterrey. She said "tomar" for holding and grabbing. And "llevar" for something to be taken somewhere.

Also "café" was her default translation for brown, and "bolso" for purse.

She also added, "coger can be obscene depending on the object and the audience. I wouldn't say it when I talk to my mother."

The mother rule is good to know, folks.


We use coger in spain and in Colombia as well as a lot of other Spanish-speaking countries... It is one if the mist comon verbs and has a different meaning to tomar and llevar. In Spain you tomar un café and llevar una bolsa... But then, my friend from the Dominican Republic told me that bolsa can also be a rude word in some countries, meaning scrotum, so it pays to learn what is and is not acceptable in the place where you are going to be using the language!


Similarly, the word "huevos" which in the kitchen means "eggs", but in other contexts refers to testicles. In other words, watch your huevos!


Thanks, Ruth! Now I understand more why Duo has been insisting on cartera for "purse." I was taught bolsa in h.s. about 50 years ago and have wondered . . . .


Don't ever use "coger" in Latin America, that word is usually referred to "F*ck"

An example

Vamos a coger Let's f*ck

Even if you use coger with context and correctly, whatever you said will be laughable


Coger is always funny as it would mean to ❤❤❤❤ a purse in Latam


Why is coger preferred to tomar in this case?


I would say that both are correct translation of "Can you take my brown purse?", for lack of context. However, there is a difference between tomar and coger:

  • "¿Puedes tomar mi cartera marrón?" means "Take it with you. It's yours now".
  • "¿Puedes coger mi cartera marrón?" means "Take it and bring it to me".


In that case, the correct translation would be GET or FETCH. If you want someone to take your purse, you would give it to him!


AmineHadji1, thanks - what a HUGE misunderstanding that could cause!

To try other idioms for real-life use, I put into my translator, "Will you hold my purse for a few moments, please?"

It gave me, ¿Puedes sostener mi bolso unos minutos por favor?

I also tried, "Will you keep my purse for me for a few minites, please?" =

¿Me guardarás mi bolsa unos minutos por favor?

Perhaps our Spanish-speaking forum contributors will verify if either of those might be a good way to ask this favor of someone.


I thought coger was "to take" and you take "coges"


Yes, but because in this sentence we have two verbs in a row, we only conjugate the first one. So 'puedes coger', but 'coges' if by itself.


Coger = vulgar f-word, cartera = wallet, and marron = reddish brown. I wrote ¿Puedes tomar mi cartera morena?", because I know how stubborn they are about using cartera for purse. Still I was marked incorrect, though I know my Mexican friends would have used morena for brown and tomar for take.

[deactivated user]

    Para no tener problemas usar como traducción el verbo "tomar"


    Sujetar, will be fine


    Purse is monedero in castillian Spanish


    This is Spanish from Spain and since I used Spanish from Mexico, I got it wrong.


    I think that would be bring like predes traer un tenedor can you bring me a fork


    Hi Why is it not tocar? It's very confusing. Why do we need two?


    Why isn't "marrona" used instead?


    My English-Spanish dictionary gives "moreno" for brown but it wasn't accepted. I also left off "puedes" and was counted wrong. (My computer might change the Spanish words in this post.)


    Why not tomar as opposed to coges in this sentence?


    Brown is cafe not marrón.


    The dictionary gives marrón as one way of saying brown.


    Llevar = to take/move something or someone (not transportation) Tomar = to take transportation or take something by mouth Sacar = to take out (trash or homework etc) or to take photos Coger = to f***


    Is there any other words to use instead of coger????


    I thought Thomas was take and coges was get.

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