"I have to learn more Spanish!"

Translation:¡Tengo que aprender más español!

5 months ago



Why "que"? I thought aprender was sufficient. With que you are saying "I have to to learn" no?

5 months ago

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The expression of obligation in Spanish is tener que + Infinitivo. For instance "Tengo que trabajar" = "I have to work", "Tienes que comer menos" = "You have to eat less" or "No tiene que hablar tanto" = "He/She doesn't have to speak that much"

5 months ago


I'm still confused as to when 'que' follows a verb and before an infinitive.

1 month ago


See the tips (light bulb icon) for this topic: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/es/Routines/tips

If you can't access (not sure what happens with this program on mobile phones), it says:

¡Tengo que estudiar! To say that you have to do something in Spanish, use tener + que.

¿Cuándo tienes que ir a la oficina? When do you have to go to the office?

Ana tiene que caminar a la escuela. Ana has to walk to school.

1 week ago


again, the word debo is used instead of tengo

3 months ago
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