"¿Puedes estar en el parque a las ocho?"

Translation:Can you be in the park at eight?

June 20, 2018

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Shouldn't it be "at the park at eight" instead of "in the park at eight?"


It can be either one. "Can you be at the park at eight o'clock?" was accepted 16 Jan 2019.


That child voice is so difficult to understand


There was no "at"


The "a" in the sentence above means something happens "at" a specific time.


Is there any indicator in Spanish that shows whether you mean 8 am or 8 pm?


Usually context is enough, but if you want to be specific, you can either add the daytime, "de la mañana/tarde/noche", or, for pm times, switch to the 24-hour system: "Está allí a las veinte" - "Be there at 20 o'clock ( = 8 pm)."


The woman speaks incredibly weak. It is no fun and not encouraging to make so many mistakes because of her. I am stil learning you know. But now I am very close to quiting


Don't be discouraged. The female voice isn't a real person. It's computer-generated. I've complained many times to Duolingo and they apparently either aren't listening or don't care. I like the learning format of Duolingo which is why I have remained a daily user. If you aren't using the slow (1/2 speed) you may want to try that. It usually helps with the "woman's" voice and I've even had to listen to it several times, writing (translating) the sentence in small increments until I complete it. Again, stay with the program if you can. As you practice you'll see that some of the sentences are repeated many times, so you will become more familiar with what's being said.


Marianne, I agree with all Carol said, but would also encourage you to check the volume and accessories on whatever device you are using. I use my desktop and just got a big "boost" in comprehending the female voice when I bought/added a new headset.


If you can, get a headset. I have compromised hearing and always wear a headset, sometimes in conjunction with my hearing aids, and I still sometimes have difficulty understanding the "female" voice. I've been using Duolingo for less than 6 months and, for me, it really does get better. Also, if you aren't already, do the stories. You should be able to understand those "voices" a little better.


I translated "In the park" and was flagged. I understand that "en" means "in", however that is not how we would say this in English. Bad Duo, bad!

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