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"La fecha del partido es el uno de febrero."

Translation:The date of the game is the first of February.

June 20, 2018



I agree February first should be accepted


the game date is February 1 (accepted)


wait, arent you supposed to use "primero" for the first day of a month?


El primero de is the traditional way of saying "the first of," but el uno de is occasionally used.



I'd like to know that, too.


Why is "on february first" wrong?


You're talking about a "date" here, which is a day itself already. A day can't be "on" another day.

[deactivated user]

    En español se dice: el primer día de febrero


    It shouldn't be "el uno del mes", it should be "el primero del mes", just like a couple before this one in this lesson.


    Both variants are good.


    "The date of the game is on February first" was not accepted by DL but it should have been. Come on DL !!!


    el uno de Febrero = February 1, la primera de Febrero = the first of February. (la primera because of fecha in the sentence). El primero de Febrero = the first of February.


    Actually it's el primero being short for el primero día. The day number is always masculine because día is implicit although omitted. Just like time numbers are always feminine because hora/s is implicit.


    I don't think it's very helpful to make a distinction like that between those expressions. They are all equivalent (except "la primera de febrero").


    I put (the date of the game is on February first) and it was marked wrong. ...?


    Technically, it should be ‘The date of the game is February first’, without the “on”. I’m assuming that’s where they found your error


    I thought this was talking about the date of departure for a holiday but that's 'la partida'.


    I know it says "The date of the game is the first of February." But I was using the word pool rather than the keyboard, and "date" wasn't among the options. The best I could do was "The game is the first of February." Of course it was marked wrong, but I couldn't select what wasn't there. Reported as a technical glitch.


    Duolingo offers word tiles for exactly one valid answer. It might not be the answer you have in mind, nor might it be an obvious one.


    Well, they should have had word tiles corresponding to what they give as the correct answer. The word 'date' which appears in the correct answer was not in the word pool. How is that my mistake?


    Duolingo's programming is lacking a bit in some aspects. :´)


    February the first is also how we say it in English


    I put - The date of the game is February the first - and it was marked wrong. ????


    Sería “The date of the game was February first”


    "Was" es la forma pretérita que se traduce como "fue" en español. Pero el verbo en la frase original es "es", la forma presente.


    "The date of the game is on the first of February" was again not acceptable to DL. Now I have to omit the word "on" This is strictly the opinion of DL however. Not mine.


    It is an incorrect wording. Events themselves can be "on" a day, but here you're talking about a "date". A "date" is a day itself, so it can't be "on" another day.


    I said "The date of the game is February the first" which should be accepted.


    Why not" The game is on February first."


    That would capture the meaning, but you're requested to translate fecha here as well.


    Sooooo, can I say "the (so many-th) of (month)", as well as "(month) the (so many-th)" ?


    Lex, yes, the most common ways to say a date are "on the twentieth of June" and "on June the twentieth".


    We say el primero de febrero


    Also think that February 1st should be accepted as well


    Is "On the first of February" wrong?


    The date of the game is on February the first. What is wrong with this?


    Again, is it too much to ask Duolingo to mark my typographical errors? I would rather have them outright rejected than accepted without correction.


    i though partido was game or PARTY????? why was party marked wrong?


    I wrote uni de febrero, and they didn't accept. And it was a typo


    Why isnt February first accepted. It means the same as the first of February


    "Febrero" didnt sound right. I couldnt figure it out. I guess I should have figured it out by the context.


    In the previous question l was marked wrong when I put the date before the month? Being obstinate I did same again and was marked correct?


    There are so many ways to express a date in English. It'll take a while until all variants are accepted.


    And why is February one wrong?


    Dates in English get ordinal numbers, from January first till December thirty-first.


    It isn't, at least if you write it "February 1."


    Isn't that still pronounced "February first", though?


    In speaking (in the US), many people put in a "st," "nd," or "rd." But, many others use only the number, especially when a year is included. I might say, "I'm going on the first of February, but would almost always say "That happened on February 1," and would say, "She was born on February 1, 2001." Speaking habits do bleed over into writing, but using only the number is the most formally correct.

    You probably should ask someone else (younger) about this, though. I'm old and tend to do/say things the way I was taught back in the dark ages! :))

    EDIT: Ryagon, you are sneaky. You asked a short, innocent-looking question and my sleeping brain obviously worked on it all night because I awakened with a somewhat (not completely) different answer. That is, the most appropriate answer for almost all questions: It depends!

    First, it depends on where you live. Then, it depends on whether you are speaking (and to whom) or writing. And, it even depends on when you are speaking.

    When you are speaking matters because, for example, on January 29, if I were trying to arrange a lunch date, I might ask "What are you doing on the first?" But, back in December, if I had been trying to arrange a meeting, I would have asked "What about February 1?" (not February first).

    There may be some online resources that offer a more precise answer to your question. I haven't checked. But, as I recall, most grammar books limit discussion to correctly writing dates, not speaking them.

    Finally, the number of DL discussion posts about dates attests to the accuracy of "It depends." I'm only happy that Duo invariably accepts "on February 1" for the translation of el uno/primero de febrero!


    Thank you for that thorough answer. I'm sorry I kept your head so busy. :)


    No problem! If it hadn't been you, it would have been someone/something else. I do my best work when I'm asleep! :)))


    February one.... hummm i dont talk like that but thats what you say

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