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Why has my crown level gone down?

i've been using Duolingo for several years. When they switched me to crowns, i came out at all Level 3 in Spanish. I practice for a while with new crown system and moved up to Level 4 in a few skills. Then suddenly, after a 2 or 3 week break, about half my tree was down-graded to Level zero (the top half of tree only).

What's going on? In Duolingo FAQ they promise that this won't happen.

June 20, 2018



I understand there is a new tree in Spanish, with lots of new lessons and vocabulary. Which I am anxiously awaiting. Please hurry, Duo, and lower the number of crowns I have.


Me too!! I keep checking and checking. Can't wait.


when do you know?


You won’t want the new tree until testing out is working again.


Did they switch you to the new tree?


Do you have purple circles in place of the red or green or blueones you had before? If so, you have the new tree.


You mean they sent half my tree down to Level zero (because yes i do have the purple circles in half the places). Why would they do that? It forces me to slowly go through all the basic stuff again before i can get to the somewhat challenging material. Did the same thing happen to everyone?


They added new material, new vocabulary, new demonstrations of grammar in the sentences. You don't have to work through slowly to get back to wherever you were, just go through each skill until it turns blue and move on. Everyone will eventually get the new material.


After going through all these responses, it seems that yes, i was switched to the new tree. A bit of a surprize. Thanks for your help.


I am not completely sure what you mean, but i think the answer is no. I had already been switched to crowns 6 months ago, and i was using the new system. When they first switched me, they gave me all Level 3 in Spanish. Then i practiced with that for a while and I had moved up to Level 4 in some skills, all the rest were Level 3. Then the sudden drop to zero.


In addition to the crown system, Duolingo is also rolling out a new version of the Spanish tree itself which rearranges/combines/adds new skills. This can lead to a loss in crown levels.


If this is not the case, see the link below on reporting the issue:


I hope that helps! :)


Yeah, that does help with my understanding of what seems to have happened. Any tips on how to deal with the need to drop-kick that little owl?


After a couple of years doing Duolingo, I have learned they have no consistency in the program. I am in the same boat with the new tree and having to learn basic stuff to get the tree completed again. I have totally lost motivation to use Duolingo anymore.


I'm a relatively new learner. For me, it's not about the tree--it's about learning Spanish. I have been practicing the same lessons for over a week. I want to learn it well before moving on. Who cares if my tree is purple or gold??? jmho


Well, the problem is that i feel i have already learned the Level zero stuff (i've been using duolingo spanish almost daily for 2.5 years). I was certainly progressing, and now they send me back to level zero (without any access to the material i had been working on). Frustrating.


Try Fluencia. It's not free, and it definitely isn't as flexible as Duo, but it's pretty good. Interesting, that losing your motivation you still come here to comment, though.


I have 53 crowns and i am only 9 can you believe it !

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