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Doubt - Swahili course listening

I'd like to know if there is audio on the first Swahili lessons or if the problem is just me not being able to habilitate it. Thanks!

June 20, 2018



There is no audio in the entire course.


They said they were going to release the audio within the week... but that was two years ago or something. Now they are completely unresponsive.


Thank you, Morgan!


To give you an explanation, the Swahili course on duolingo was started and is still run by the Peace Corps based in Tanzania. Long story short I believe the main person Branden (Or Brandon?) who was running the course left and since then (over a year ago) the course has been managed by one or two people who still work on the course in terms of correcting reported translations, although they make slow progress since they have day jobs they have to do so probably find it hard to have spare time.

Any attempts made by myself and others to contact the contributors directly or even apply to contribute have so far been unsuccessful.

We can only wait and see what will happen from here.


Thank you, Greg! I hope someday we can get an answer or even the audio!


Check out this post about providing Swahili audio for Google Chrome users.

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