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"Fuimos a la escuela y después al parque."

Translation:We went to school and then to the park.

June 20, 2018



Can't "fuimos" also be "were"? I put "We were at school and then at the park." Is that wrong?


That would be "Estuvimos en la escuela y luego en el parque". In the example sentence, the Spanish preposition "a" indicates movement to a destination.


Also, you can't use "ser" to say where you are. That's always "estar".

[deactivated user]

    Strange - having one the forces one to think - to the school and then to park or to school and then to the park. Probably would be better either to accept both answers, or even better - to provide extra the.


    When you are going to or you are physically located 'at home' or 'in class', you should drop the article in front of the noun. When to exclude and include Spanish articles for places.

    This section on places is going to be a little annoying because there isn’t a general rule.

    Let's look at the difference between these two 'homes'.

    I want to go home. 'Quiero ir a casa'.

    I want to live in a home. 'Quiero vivir en una casa'.

    As an exception to this, when you aren’t talking about these places in terms of their physical location, you should include the article.


    And before you ask, I believe the article is used for 'the park', because it is a specific park.


    If you're referring to 'the park', then there is a 'the' there: 'al' means 'a el'


    I answered "We went to the school and afterwords to the park." and was marked incorrect.

    I think I should be given credit for a correct answer.




    "we went to school". In English, This implies that you attended classes for the school day, which COULD actually mean online or in person or even homeschooling.

    Saying, "we went to the school" is saying that you went to the actual school building, not saying what you did there.

    I don't know how these two examples might be distinguished in Spanish


    "We went to school and then the park" should be accepted as a proper English sentence structure with that meaning.


    That is an accepted translation. What did Duolingo say was wrong with yours?

    If possible, please capture a screenshot to share with the user forum.

    This will help us spot whether there is a problem with your answer that you did not notice, or if there is a problem with Duolingo that we need to report to them

    [GUIDE] How To create, upload, share a screenshot (using postimages.org)



    next time I'll take a screen shot. thanks! the answer I gave was marked wrong until I changed it to "we went to school and then to the park."


    This person's "exuberance" makes it more difficult to understand what is being said. I hope Duo retires her soon.

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