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"La niña está abriendo la puerta de la clase."

Translation:The girl is opening the door to the class.

June 20, 2018

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I would say that "the girl is opening the door of the class" should also be accepted. That is the way I would have naturally stated it in English, and "de" means "of" anyway!


To me, "door of the class" sounds strange and unnatural. If it were, "door of the classroom", it would sound natural (to me).


I think it is equally odd to say door to the class. Its ok, but not as natural as classroom door.


I used "door of the class" based on the choices I was given. Sometimes it seems that a literal translation is desired and then other times translation for meaning is expected. Go figure


Yes, I agree. Or "the classrom door." The door is part of the classroom, not the class. To me, the term "class" generally refers to the students who attend, but sometimes it may refer to the whole setting including the teacher, students, the instruction, and the work being done.
Also, up until this lesson " la clase" has always been used for "the class." Yesterday I saw in a Duolingo lesson the word "aul" (or possibly "auel") for "classroom." Now today, suddenly, "clase" means "classroom." I'm confused. I have not seen a picture of a classroom in a square with the word "clase."


Duo does accept, "The girl is opening the classroom door."

The door to the class is the door into the classroom where the class is taught.


One would differentiate the door OF the classroom from any other available door in the vicinity. Daniel is correct. The translation "TO" should be "A la classe"

[deactivated user]

    You are teaching Spanish, not English. Don't teach people their own language based on how it "sounds to you". As long as they clearly demonstrated that they fully understood the Spanish phrase, let them go through.


    I was curious about that. I entered "The child is opening the door of the class." and it was marked wrong. I didn't want to report it because I wasn't sure I was right, but if I was wrong I don't understand how. Can anyone explain one way or the other?


    "Door of the class" just doesn't sound like proper English. As far as I know, classes don't normally have doors. Classrooms do.


    I think we would say opening the classroom door!


    Yes you're right. I did it same but not accepted


    Thank you to anyone who reported the translation ". . . opening the classroom door." It is now accepted, 28 Dec 2018.


    "The girl is opening the class door" should be accepted.


    As an English speaker, I wouldn't say "the door to the class". I would say the "classroom's door", OR "the classroom door". The "door to the class" doesn't seem like an English translation. I thought this sentence was like any other sentence showing possession. I was wrong. You never know when DL wants you to be literal or general in some translations. I wish there was a clue!


    As a native English speaker and teacher, I hear "the door to my classroom" on a daily basis. I also hear "my classroom door" or usually "my door".


    I would also say "classroom door". I think of "class" as the subject and people, not the physical space. It's also more common in english to use the modifier + noun construction.


    I agree with the many comments that it should be " the door of the class"


    It won't accept "the class door" but will accept "the classroom door". HMMM....


    There is nothing to indicate whether she is in or out of the class so I think it should be "of the class" not to the class.


    So... clase (a group of learners) and aula (a room in a school) are now interchangeable?

    Or is there a difference between them?


    Trejo, clase can refer to a group of learners, a lesson or a classroom. It works pretty much like the English "class", I'd say. Aula is only the classroom.


    Thanks, but in my part of the world no-one has ever referred to a classroom as a "class" (and I learned in them for 17 years and taught in them for 32 years.)


    Frankly speaking, I I didn't understand why the "class door" is not accepted. Could you please explain ?


    'the girl is opening the door of the class' not accepted 12.02.21. Why?


    The girl is opening the door of the class.


    The lessons I have previously learned on duo make it seem as though "la niña abre la puerta de la clase" would also work. Thoughts?


    The girl is opening the class(room) door should be accepted.


    Why was 'class door' not accepted?


    Most americans would say Class door or classroom door.


    The girl is opening the door to the class = la niña está abriéndole la puerta a la clase


    Why are you tagging an indirect object onto abriendo?


    By using "a la clase", the class has become the indirect object of that sentence, so le can be added here. Clase is not attached to puerta anymore like in the original sentence.

    I would translate Antonnio's sentence as "The girl is opening the door for the class", though. The sentence means that the girl is opening the door in order to let the students through.


    The class door ??


    Would you commonly say that in English?


    Anyone else finding some answers already filled in? This is one that is on mine.


    I can't move forward although I wrote exactly: La niña está abriendo la puerta de la casa. October, 20 2019.


    Did you write clase or casa? That may be the issue. Good luck!


    Why is it "de la clase" and not "al clase"?


    Larry, the door is part of the classroom, so it uses de to signal that possessive relationship.


    I agree with LexxyR84. I am reporting that "the girl is opening the door of the class" should be accepted.


    Why we use abriendo?


    The girl is opening the door of the class


    what is the different meaning of "de la clase" and "a la class "? To me, "door of the class" and "door to the class" is saying the same thing.


    OK so I mistyped classs but yes the door of the class should surely be accepted


    I used class door, which made more sense to me but wasn't accepted.


    I used class door but that wasn't accepted.


    I said classroom door, and it marked it wrong, but in previous lessons it said it was correct, which is it?


    The girl opens the door of the classroom. For me this seems right, but isn't accepted, can someone explane?


    Hemm, the girl is opening the class door..


    "... the door of the class" or "...the class door" - should also be accepted


    Door to the class... class Door. What's the difference,?


    Dl's use of apostrophy in girl's is incorrect English.


    Girl's can be "girl is". This is a common contraction in English.

    The girl's sleeping.


    It was marked wrong that i said the girl is opening the door to class.


    "The door to class" might sound a bit wonky in English. It's a specific class (room) here, so you should include the article.


    Most people would not use the article in this case. Certainly, it's acceptable either way, and not incorrect not to


    I have my doubts. Usually when you use "class" without an article - in class, for class, to class - you're talking about the lesson in session, not the room.


    I go to Spanish class. I go to math class.
    I take class. I go to class at 8am I don't go to the Spanish class or the math class. The article is only actually necessary when you are specifically referring to the class. Original Queens English still does this work everything: I go to university. I go to hospital. If I have specifically talked about what class I'm going to, then I would say I opened the door to THE class, and the article refers back to what we've discussed. If I'm just walking in, I would say I opened the door to class.


    I would have been happier if your comment contained examples about "class" being used for the room itself, since that was what I was talking about and what this sentence is about.

    Would you say "There is a blackboard in class"? "Class's floor is dirty"? "We stayed in class after the lesson"?


    You prove my point. Except you would say "THE class's floor is dirty." Or, frankly classroom's floor. Typically, class refers to a body of people or that which is being studied.
    And REALLY the whole thing should be "the classroom door" anyway, as you are referring the locale.


    The door of the class


    The girl is opening the class door

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