"El examen de español es mañana."

Translation:The Spanish exam is tomorrow.

June 20, 2018

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The spanish test is tommorow should be accepted


The word "test" is interchangeable with the word "exam" in English and should be accepted.


Is there something wrong with "Spanish exam is tomorrow"?

In previous lessons we saw "El fútbol es mi deporte favorito" being translated as "Soccer is my favorite sport", with no definite article "the"


Yes, your sentence is not correct English. In English, an article (a, the) is required.

In your example, Soccer is not parallel to Spanish exam, which is a particular test, whereas Soccer in your sentence is a category, not a thing.

"Spanish exams are tomorrow" is fine, they are a category, not a specific.


Why "es" and not "está"?


good question, eh? because it seems to involve time.... Yo no se!


why not ? of Spanish


While literally (word for word) it is correct we really don't say 'the exam of Spanish' in English.


Is the "de" optional? Some automatic translators (see PROMT) leave it out. What would a native Spanish speaker do?


It is the difference between using español as a noun or as an adjective.
El examen de español (noun) es mañana.

Español / española can also be used as an adjective.
Es un libro español = It is a Spanish book.
Tengo algo de oro español = I have some Spanish gold.
Soy de una familia española = I am from a Spanish family.

When I first looked at "El examen español es mañana," I thought that could be español used as an adjective. However, I sent an e-mail to my lawyer friend in Mexico. She said that is not a valid sentence. The only correct way is "El examen de español es mañana.

I put the English sentence into 6 different translators and Prompt was the only one that gave me "examen español." As you know, none of the translators are perfect.


Typo'd "in" instead of "is" and it wasn't accepted unfortunately


Why "es" and not "está"?

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