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Jump to the earliest lesson without full bars

My daily routine with Duolingo is going through all the past lessons which do not have full bars and doing them. It's only then that I consider starting some fresh ones.

At the moment when there are only a few lessons in a larger set with missing bars it doesn't show up on the main graph.

I'd really like to have a button which either lists which lessons could be repeated to get full marks or jumps straight to the earliest one in the graph. I can then keep hitting it until they are all done...

March 26, 2013



I second that, even when I practice I always have the same lessons over and over, that is Date and Time, Adjectives and Present Verbs (so far), but I know that I haven't encountered for a long time possessive pronouns or demonstratives although I finish them a while ago.

Either the algorithm is wacky , either it's not planned to review some lessons for whatever reason...


I agree. I do the same mthing and would like to have such a button, too. Why does it happen that, after getting a full bar on some lesson, a few days latter, a bar has retracted a block?


I had a reward system for myself that was based on the number of hearts I had. I have adjusted that to now only rewarding myself when I complete a lesson with all bars (which is considerably easier than all hearts completed) but all previous bars have to be filled also. I would love the functionality described here, or at least some way to see which lessons are not at 100% of their bars, as now I have to open and check every lesson to make sure I am not cheating myself. this is tedious. A tiny flaw in an otherwise brilliant system.

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