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  5. "Pozval mne na rande."

"Pozval mne na rande."

Translation:He asked me out on a date.

June 20, 2018



Rande = rendez-vous?


I used "mě" instead of "mne" and it did not accept that answer. It shows "You used the wrong word." And there is no option "My answer should be accepted" in report. Isn't "mě" and "mne" can be used interchangeably?


It can and it is currently accepted on our side.


It is strange, because it is definitely failed my answer. And the only difference was in this word. I'll try the next time again, if I remember.


I have fall into it again. I think it is so because is a "Type what you hear" question. And probably it really pronounces "mne", so it expects only this form.


Yes, in the audio exercise you should really type what you hear, not what has the same meaning as what you hear.

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