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  5. "jItIn. mach Duj."

"jItIn. mach Duj."

Translation:I am big. The ship is little.

June 20, 2018



Thus, { jItInbe' - mach Duj } sounds like it would be an excuse for a fat Klingon who is reluctant to try to lose weight. "It's not me; this ship is too small!" ;-)


For the original phrase, there is some precedent.


Haha, I had forgotten about that. :-) I was thinking of K'mpec, or Gowron. But, of course, they didn't have ships.


The letter jay is pronounced wrong, as the German letter j (y instead of j). I figured it was jI- and not yI- since an imperative wouldn't make sense here. :) (I did tap "the audio does not sound correct")


Was it the male version or the female version?


The full sentence is recorded in male and female versions and the individual word in female only. All are pronounced with a dg sound.

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