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Hello everybody come to speak in english !!

Hello everybody come to speak in english !!!! I created this discussion to be able to progress and exchange in English

June 20, 2018

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hello I was looking for someone who speaks English for someone who wants to do an exchange of English French: she teaches you French and you teach him French


I am sorry i don't speak very good English but we can exchange to improve ourselves


What do you think about the word football cup ? To your mind how will be winner ? i'm french but i'm not convinced of the french team Victory. Finally i prefer rugby it's maybe why it's not very important for me. Even if i 'll be happy if the french win. And you ? What is your forecast ?


Hi, i'm belgian .I never understood why the football was so much appreciated. I like sport but there is a lot money for anything. I said that while i watch the red devils's matches.


If you like rugby, you should know that the New Zealand team has literally destroyed the French team during 3 matches this month. I am currently in New Zealand so I have been able to see the disaster...


France won the World Cup ! Kylian Mbappe is a very strong player


I don't a lot the football too ! I prefer Handball or basketball and you what do you like besides rugby ?Yeah I really want France to win !!


I am a French too


I'm French, but I'm for Portugal !


Hello my name is Timothée and I'm French. The spanish win the word football cup because the spanish are strong


we will see if Spain is the strongest ! Do you like sport too ?


Hello my name is Riha


Hi everyone Im new user of duolingo


Welcome to Duolingo! I hope you have a nice time here, studying other languages!


Hello ! Welcome ! If you need a help tell me !!


Je suis un anglophone natif essayant d'améliorer mon français et cherche quelqu'un pour aider


Et bien moi je suis exactement l'inverse : française qui veut améliorer son anglais !!!! Ok pour la collaboration. Marché conclu ?


I can help you if you want, but I speak just a little english.


Je ne sais plus si j'ai bien posté ma réponse aussi - je me répète peut être - mais ok pour vous aider.

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