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Why do you want to learn Russian?

I wanted to learn Russian because the Slavic languages have always interested me, and also because I come from a family of Germans from Russia, so I'd love to hear your motivation to learn Russian.

June 20, 2018



Looks and sounds good to me


I chose to learn the Russian language because my mother learned to speak it fluently and I would like to be more like her.


Aww. Nice idea!


I love Russian culture, architecture, and all there is to do in the country and the surrounding countries. I love the sound of the language and have fallen in love with the country and culture and hope that one day I can travel there. My family, while many generations ago, lived in Russia. Furthermore (I swear, not politically motivated) I want to go into the international relations field and knowing Russian is very useful. Such an amazing question OwenSenger!


I am learning Slavic languages in Duolingo because I want to understand better Interslavic language (Medžuslovjansky jezyk). My main goal is to learn this language, and I am using Duolingo courses about Slavic languages because Duolingo does not have a course about Interslavic.


I wish Interslavic were more famous. We have an Esperanto course; we should have Interlingua and Interslavic courses. I especially like how Interslavic uses a lot of old-fashioned letters so that it can indicate lal the different sounds in the Slavic languages.


Wow, thanks. I didn't know about Interslavic, but have looked it up. Fascinating, good to know.


It's always fascinated me and very pleasing to my ears. Even without understanding very much, I love just listening to people talk in Russian. I've never been outside the U.S., but this is one country I would love to travel to. Also so I can tell off my boss without them knowing what I'm saying! Just kidding...but seriously.


About a year ago I wrote a book about a spy. On a whim I set it in Russia, with the plan to pick a different location later because that seemed too on the nose. I ended up becoming fascinated with everything Russian. I am interested in the language, the books, the architecture, the culture, the geography....


I love Russian literature. And my heritage is Russian.


My motivation to learn this language thats because I think it is the most beautiful language for to speak


You don't seem to be learning it here on duolingo. Maybe I just can't see it because of a glitch, but if not, where are you learning it, and do you prefer it to duolingo?

[deactivated user]

    I've learned a little in the past, so this is a refresher course right now. I learn languages mostly to be able to read & watch films from different countries.


    I live in cyprus. Being fluent in Russian in this country is a very strong asset.


    Always good to learn things that will help you move up in the world.


    We are neighboring countries. Russian is one of the most common languages, also I like its phonetics and writing in Cyrillic alphabet.


    I'm just curious, and you don't have to say. But what country do you live in?


    I am super interested in the space program. Russian is very necessary in that field.


    I enjoy how Russian sounds and looks like and wanted to be able to understand it. It's also the first Slavic language I ever attempted to tackle, so it opens up more exploration, too. :)


    I would like to learn it because my stepfather is Russian, it would be nice if we could speak the language together as his English is limited.


    Don't laugh. I want to learn Russian because I want to be an astronaut. It's not technically required to apply to NASA, but it certainly can't hurt on the application.


    I once read that real astronauts who go up to the space stations actually have to learn basic Russian (and the Russians have to do the same with English).


    I live and work in Russia! I came here partly because I have always been interested in the language and culture. Because I had studied a bit of Russian some ago, I thought that I'd reach a good level within a year or so. Haha, that was wishful thinking! It's super hard, plus there have been other obstacles - work schedule, finding good teachers, etc. But I'm determined, and I won't leave until I've mastered it. :-D


    So I can live in Russia with the girl I love


    I have two very good friends from Russia (и, к сожалению, большая часть моей семьи не любит их из-за этого). I wouldn't let that stop me from being friends with them though. Every time I would go over to their houses their parents would talk to them solely in Russian, and I wanted to learn a few words so that I wouldn't be isolated, and once I started it was like a match was set to a fire I didn't know I had inside of me. I loved the way it sounded, I love learning about the culture and the history, and I would love to go on exchange there someday (если я могу как-то убедить мою семью).
    I grew up in a family that only spoke English. When I realised that all of my friends spoke a different language at home (Russian, Hindi, Farsi, Mandarin) I knew there was something missing from my life. I had opted to take Latin at school, but a conversational language is something else entirely.
    I would love to be able to understand and connect to many different types of people (как никогда не делала моя семья). After all when it comes down to it we are all just human.


    I have Russian heritage and an Orthodox church right by my house. I want to be able to read my ancestor's headstones around the church.


    Wow, that's really awesome.


    I want to learn Russian because I always had interest in Russia and a couple people at my school know it.


    I want to learn Russian because to me, it sounds like an interesting language.

    I'm also inspired by some people who is learning the language and some people in the Internet speaks this language.


    I met a Russian and became inspired to learn his language. Now, I keep learning it because I've made connections with other Russian speakers/learners and I love MOZGI Entertainment artists :)


    It's my children's native language, because it's their mother's native language. I also live in a community with a large Russian-speaking immigrant population. Finally, some of my ancestors came from Russia.


    My motivation to learn Russian is mostly because the Russian culture is very interesting. The literature, history and overall traditions are a wonderful thing to know about. Having Russian and Slavic ancestors also motivated me to learn such a beautiful language.


    My family, on my dad's side, is Russian. They immigrated pretty recently (i'm the third generation) and i grew up around their food and culture. Since he was born in America, my dad didn't learn much of the language and therefore didn't teach me. I would really like to be able to become fluent in Russian and actually travel back to the cities my family came from.


    My family, on my father's side, comes from Belarus. I am 2nd generation American. I have a cousin who contacted family in Belarus and went to visit. The communicate with us in Russian. I want to learn some Russian so I can communicate back with them in Russian.


    I have Russian heritage.


    I just love learning languages.


    I am not sure, I wanted to learn French, but I follow many Russians on my social media (most of them are ballet dancers) and slowly I started to feel attracted to the language, now I am learning Russian!


    If you can look into the history of Russia and the Russian language especially when words entered the language, you'll discover that French had quite an influence on Russian.


    I'm Russian, and I have finished Duolingo's English course. I added course Eng - Ru to check myself =) If someone want to practice with Russian native speaker I will be happy to help!


    My husband is Russian and our 2 young children are learning to speak it, its fun watching Russian children's shows on youtube and learning with them.


    Many of my neighbors are Ukrainian immigrants to the US who do not speak English well, but do speak Russian fluently. I studied Russian years ago when I was in college, but it had gotten so "rusty" that I essentially needed to start over wit my "АБВ's".


    Because of the Russian literature,especially Dostoevsky, that's all.


    I think Russia is interesting


    Putin is ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.


    Because of girls :D :D Just kidding, I'm Czech so Russian was always interesting language and I think that it's hella underrated. I like their culture, there is now way that I wouldn't like Slav country)) Also can be good for future business possibilities.


    I absolutely adore Russian history and literature, and it would be wonderful to read primary resources and other orignial texts like so in the actual language.


    it's really interesting to learn the language/ cultures of different places...


    Well, my mom is Russian, and I just want to learn the languages of my roots (Basically Russian, Ukrainian and maybe Czech in the future). I'm natively Polish so it makes Russian a little easier for me.


    Why did your mom not teach you Russian? As a child you would pick it up easily.


    I hoped I could learn it quickly as a Pole. Learning Czech was nice, so I decided to learn another Slavic language, and Russian is naturally the biggest one.


    I thought the different alphabet would be a fun challenge.


    Plus, it opens up Greek for you (their alphabets aren't identical, but are close enough).


    I've studied Russian before, but it was pre-computers. Now the world is so wide open! I want to be able to watch Russian movies without the English subtitles and read classic Russian literature, plus lots more. Right now, my Russian is rusty enough that Church Slavonic sounds like regular Russian to me, so I have a way to go.


    Literature, art, music to name a few. I like the challenge and the sound of the language. I also think/ hope that when we learn another language, especially given​ the political climate now, we can make the world a bit smaller by being more open. I don't care if this sounds like I'm an old hippie!


    I am learning Russian for more intercultural understanding and as a friendly approach - in times where the European Union and Russia drifting more and more apart. Мы все братья и сестры...


    My grandmother is Polish, and when I went to college, I wanted to learn more about the history, language, and culture of my ancestors. But my university didn't offer any courses on Polish language, so I started studying the only Slavic language they did offer - Russian. I completed my degree (in psychology) some years ago and recently decided to refresh my Russian language skills. I've also started the duolingo Polish course, but its more challenging than I expected! They have some really unusual letter-sound combinations.


    Because Russian girls are dangerously appealing


    I will be visiting Russia for the first time in January & I would like to be able to communicate with the people there, I think it is polite to at least try to speak a little of the language.


    I want to learn Russian because I don't want to not know it.


    well i like guns, thats all


    I have always loved everything about Russia.. The women, the culture, Vodka, Tanks etc. After having many interactions with Russian People, and one Girlfriend, I have decided to finally learn the language so I can (hopefully in the very near future) visit Russia and maybe buy a cottage in the woods to use for half of the year.


    I wanted to learn Russian because my friend speaks it and we could have secret conversations


    Ya khachu znaet russkom pathamushtha mnogi ludin is vracia zjaviot na maya strana vcanadiye. Ya dumayu shtho ani budit bala gadruvas yesli ani znaiot shtho ya gavariu porisskii


    Me? I go to a Russian/Jewish/English school, and everybody there speaks English, but i do not attend the Russian classes there. My dad speaks Russian, and watches a comedy called квартал and i read the subtitles and it's really funny, but i prefer to actually understand it.


    Lots of reasons. It's hard, and I like learning; it's the second most popular language on the internet (there are a lot of games, videos, and mods in Russian, and there are lots of Russians in online games); it just sounds cool; it has a certain novelty value in my culture.

    Being that it's very popular online, it's also the most practical language for me to learn and likely the one I'd use the most.


    I want to learn Russian because I am training to become an analyst for the FBI. Knowing this language in particular, I think, would really help me while dealing with international missions. And since Russia is one of the biggest places out there, I think it would be pretty logical to learn the language. I’m also learning German :)

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