Anyone have some reviews for Tinycards? Let me know what you think!

June 20, 2018


I really like them! Especially the desktop version since it's easier to type. Vocabulary is always harder for me to learn than grammar. Being able to just drill words over and over has been great supplemental practice. My only current gripe is that I was just updated to the new Spanish skill tree and Tinycards hasn't caught up yet. Still useful!

So far, I enjoy it very much. Decided to take relevant language decks alongside with what I'm doing on here -- Italian for instance. I'm also learning some science & geography decks.

I only wish that you could get out of decks by pressing back, instead of solely pressing the home button and I wish that there was a way to mark cards that you're just not understanding (e.g. Vocabulary Builder allows users to mark cards they deem difficult and can review whenever they need to), since there are some cards that aren't sticking to my memory as easily.

Anyways, the interface is also nice and I'd rate it a 4/5.

Tiny cards are very spotty in quality. Some sets are trivial -- only a little information. Some sets contain errors. Some language sets have no pronunciation - making them low quality.

I LOVE Tinycards aren't they neat?

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