"Solo necesito dos maletas."

Translation:I only need two suitcases.

June 20, 2018

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Shouldn't there be an accent? The word "solo" without the accent is "alone" or "lonely" so the sentence is literally, "I need two suitcases lonely."


Yes! "Sólo" should be considered an abbreviation for "solamente"


The accent used to be required for the adverb "sólo", as well as the demonstrative pronouns like "éste", to distinguish them from the adjective "solo" and the demonstrative adjectives; but then the Real Academia Española (RAE) decided that it should only be used in instances of doubt, when it's difficult to figure out if you mean the pronoun or the adjective. Otherwise, it should be written without the accent. And it does actually make sense, since they are trying to make the writing consistent with the speech, and the extra accent doesn't actually change the pronunciation. I don't know if it's still often used anywhere. I'm guessing it's probably more used in Spain, but again - that's just a guess. (Hablantes nativos, corríjanme, por favor.) See https://www.rae.es/consultas/el-adverbio-solo-y-los-pronombres-demostrativos-sin-tilde


Still trying to understand... So, before, "sólo" would have indicated "I only need two suitcases" versus more than two suitcases, and "solo" would have indicated "I alone need two suitcases/I am the only one who needs two suitcases"? Is that right? Now it's based on context since the accent isn't used anymore in the written form, and you have to rely on context when hearing it spoken anyway since "sólo" and "solo" are pronounced the same. Please feel free to correct me on any of this!


I put Only I need two suitcases. I know this has a different meaning in English than I only need two suitcases. How would you say Only I Need Two Suitcases tks


Is there a way to tell the difference between "Only I need two suitcases." and "I only need two suitcases." in Spanish, as these two terms are starkly different in English. If there is a difference, what is it?


What's the difference Only I ... and I only .... in English?


For some reason "cases" is not accepted. Have flagged this up to TPTB.


What the heck is TPTB?


The powers that be.


Connotatively, "cases" could be made of cardboard or some other material, and they might have a different shape than a valise. I think the idea of "satchel" is what's the common thread.


That means tickets


Said no woman ever.


There is no wrong in putting "only" at the end, English can be spoken that way


I need two suitcases only is also right. It can also be I need only two suitcases. So the flexibility is absent and you cannot dictate what is correct English while teaching Spanish


How would one say "only I need 2 suitcases' as opposed to everyone else needs 1


I don't think that the microphone works for this. I press it, and then it immediately says that it didn't sound right, but I'd hardly even started saying something


I translated it as Only I need two suitcases and it was counted wrong. How would you translate this in Spanish meaning nobody else needs two suitcases?


NO! "I only need two suitcases" would not be correct. I am so tired of trying to have this put right all the time.

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