how can u guys stay active on duolingo !! do u organize ur time or u just learn the language in any time give me some tips i m dying here hhhhhhhh

June 20, 2018

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It's just like any other activitiy that you want to do daily. At first it's best to allocate certain time to it, later you will see what's best for you, I bet we are all different and different methods work for us. I myself don't have a specific time, sometimes I practice early morning sometimes late evening, sometimes short sometimes long. But as I said everybody is different :-)

thank u for ur help it really means a lot seeing other people's opinion so i ll find my own way n start working on it

Yep, ally.x summed it up perfectly. It's just whatever works for you. Sometimes, I wake up and spend time on it. Sometimes I do it in the evening. It's just whenever I have free time! Good luck in your language learning endeavors! :)

thank u hopefully i can learn german n visit germany one day hhh

I do my real German studies at home before work. Then through out the day at work I'll hit Duolingo in brief increments. 5-15 minutes at a time.

i m trying to study it at night because i ve a lot of studies in the morning n evening i ll work harder with this new schedule so thank u

When my motivation to do German earlier failed, I just literally gave myself an impossible task and forced myself into it. I told myself to finish my tree by the end of the summer as I'm preparing to test into a higher German level (for high school). When your brain believes that something is necessary, it will automatically work its hardest to reach that point of knowledge.

so motivation is the secret ha hhh i love this idea n i ll try it for sure

A while back I set a goal for myself, to practice a little German every day for a year. I usually practice the first thing in the morning. Some days I only do 10 xp's sometimes more, but I make sure I do something everyday. In the beginning I never thought I could make a year, but now it has become a habit. It's just something I do automatically in the mornings. Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you.

yeah same opinion i think i ve set my goals now n learning german is really important for me cuz its my love so best luck for me hhhhhh thnx though

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    I do it when I have free time. Sometimes I skip a day and other times I spend an hour learning. You can try splitting it up during a single day. A lesson in the morning and a lesson before bed?

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