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"It is possible not to play a card."

Translation:Il est possible de ne pas jouer de carte.

March 26, 2013



I wrote: "C'est possible de ne jouer pas une carte." I've seen it written before but can somebody explain when and why "ne pas" is put together before "jouer"?


In front of an infinitive verb, ne pas (ne plus / ne jamais) stick together.


Thanks sitesurf! I've never chimed in on here before but I've benefited from a lot of your responses.

[deactivated user]

    Why isn't it "C'est"?


    I think that the rule is to change il to ce when 1)the verb is être, and 2)être is followed by a modified noun.

    In this case, we do have être, but it is followed by a bare adjective (possible) rather than a noun, so we keep il.


    ce n'est pas possible pour jouer une carte?


    "il est possible de ne pas jouer une carte" means that it is up to you to play a card or not.

    "il n'est pas possible de jouer de carte" means that you cannot play any card, even if you wanted to.


    aha, sorry I read the English as, "it is not possible" not "it is possible not to..."



    C'est non possible jouer une carte?


    Sitesurf, I am not sure that I understand the use of the indefinite​ article "de" before "ne pas" and also before "carte".

    I read your explanation given 5 years ago. How can I deduce the meaning of this English sentence as "You cannot play even if you Wanted to"?


    When the verb is negated, its direct object does not have an indefinite or partitive article:

    • jeter une carte
    • ne pas jeter de carte

    The meaning of this sentence is that if you want, you may keep all your cards.


    Sitesurf, another query, if you please. The negative pair "ne..pas" has no intervening verb. Should it not be " Il est possible de ne jouer pas de carte​"?


    The negative pair "ne... pas" comes around the conjugated verb it negates. But if this verb is in the infinitive, "ne" and "pas" are grouped before the verb:

    • je ne jette pas
    • ne pas jeter


    pourquoi ce n'est pas ( il est possible de ne jouer pas de carte


    When an infinitive is negated, both negative adverbs are placed together before that verb:

    • il est possible de ne pas/ne plus/ne jamais jouer de carte.
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