"Jak se jmenuje to náměstí?"

Translation:What is the name of that square?

June 20, 2018

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"What is the name of that town square" should be an acceptable answer. It's actually more correct.


Added. Next time, if you're sure about your answer, please click on the 'report a problem -> my answer should be accepted' button. That's the preferred way. Thanks! :)


So does 'Náměstí' always refer to a town square, or can it also mean the shape?


It is derived from the word město=town/city. It cannot be just a shape.


Would "What is the name of this square?" also be correct? If not, how would you ask that ?


toto náměstí


It's maybe not the place as it's more of an english problem than czech one but... what's exactly the difference between this square and that square ? I think I would use both the same way


Thanks, and sorry, it's true I've been lazy on that one... Could have searched myself


This square is the one we're standing on, whereas that square is the one we can see further on


Why isn't - What is the name of the square - marked correct? (what shows that this must be that square and not the square?)


There was a coding error in one of the translation groups, which has now been fixed. "What is the name of the square?" should be accepted in the future. Thanks for the tip!


the word namesti pronounced wrong: "nameski" ? why


The TTS source has changed. There were some problems with the old voice, and there are come problems with the new voice. I've listened to the sentence several times on both the regular and slows speeds; the slower pronunciation sounds clear, at least for my speakers and my ears. This sometimes happened with the old voice as well.


what is the difference between jak and co?


Each word can be translated in several ways and can have several roles depending on the particular sentence. Quite often -- maybe most often -- you'll come across jak as an adverb meaning "how," and co as a pronoun meaning "what."


How do you call this square? - why this sentence cannot be used as answer?


That is "Jak nazýváte toto náměstí?" "Jak říkáte tomuto náměstí?"

Duolingo requires as close translations as reasonably possible.

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