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New Website For Learning Foreign Languages!

Hey guys, I just found a great website called ForeverSpeak. It is a wonderful new website to learn or continue learning a foreign language! It includes separate levels and different languages. It is FREE, meaning it is a non-profit organisation and is soley built on the purpose to teach others new languages. People with the same language and level will be allowed to communicate together, maintain their privacy, on a Google Classroom platform and on Skype. AND it doesn't have the malfunctions that Duolingo does, or the ads.

For more information, check https://sites.google.com/view/foreverspeak/home?authuser=3

P.S- If you want to be a teacher/help teach others, just email ForeverSpeak.2@gmail.com

June 20, 2018



Wow, thanks for sharing :) Seeing Polish in the list made me excited :D 5 lingots for you shhhh ;)


I can’t believe there is no German but they have Turkish and Polish.


I think that's because they have a person who knows that language. I think that German is one of the upcoming languages.


Thank you for sharing this! I've sent an email for the Spanish course.


It's annoying how German (my favourite language) is 'in progress'.

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