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To be something ( verb ) in German?

Sorry for the lackluster title, but examples of what I need help with are :

  • I wish to be chosen
  • The cat is to be brushed
  • The meal is to be cooked

Anyone know how these would translate into German?

June 20, 2018



Danke für den LInk.


To my understanding there are several issues here.

First: The cat is brushed - Die Katze wird gebürstet. That's the passive voice. While English uses "to be" for the passive voice, German uses "werden".

Second: I wish to be chosen: Ich möchte ausgewählt werden. That's the passive voice in combination with a modal verb. Notice the change in word order.

Third: The meal is to be cooked. In the sense of "The meal is about to be cooked (any minute now) that would be "Die Mahlzeit wird gleich / jeden Augenblick zubereitet / gekocht." In the sense of "The meal needs to be cooked" that would be "Die Mahlzeit muss gekocht werden."


Ah thank you, and oh my. I meant to write "the cat is to be brushed", my bad! I better fix that.

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ich möchte gewählt werden / die Katze muss/soll gebürstet werden / das Essen muss/soll gekocht werden

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