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To be something ( verb ) in German?

Sorry for the lackluster title, but examples of what I need help with are :

  • I wish to be chosen
  • The cat is to be brushed
  • The meal is to be cooked

Anyone know how these would translate into German?

June 20, 2018



Danke für den LInk.


Du bist herzlich Willkommen.

Reverso is a great resource to become familiar with. As well as conjugation, also check out DICTIONARY CONTEXT GRAMMAR TRANSLATION
on this reverso site.
If you choose to translate small sentences, or small sentence sections on a complex sentence, it will show you examples of the use of this in context, of other articles that have been translated and reviewed.

This tells you even more about different ways you can use words and phrases.

It is well worth the time to check it out , in order to enhance your language learning.

It is a pleasure to be able to chat with such a keen language learner as yourself.


To my understanding there are several issues here.

First: The cat is brushed - Die Katze wird gebürstet. That's the passive voice. While English uses "to be" for the passive voice, German uses "werden".

Second: I wish to be chosen: Ich möchte ausgewählt werden. That's the passive voice in combination with a modal verb. Notice the change in word order.

Third: The meal is to be cooked. In the sense of "The meal is about to be cooked (any minute now) that would be "Die Mahlzeit wird gleich / jeden Augenblick zubereitet / gekocht." In the sense of "The meal needs to be cooked" that would be "Die Mahlzeit muss gekocht werden."


Ah thank you, and oh my. I meant to write "the cat is to be brushed", my bad! I better fix that.


ich möchte gewählt werden / die Katze muss/soll gebürstet werden / das Essen muss/soll gekocht werden

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