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"I am a Klingon but I am not a warrior."

Translation:tlhIngan jIH 'ach SuvwI' jIHbe'.

June 21, 2018



Is there a difference between "SuvwI' jIHbe'" and "SuvwI'be' jIH"?


Yes. This one's tricky as you have a verb+suffix being turned into a noun, and a pronoun being turned into a verb. But after the metamorphosis happens the word type is fixed.

As {SuvwI'} is a noun, it cannot take a suffix which is exclusively for use on verbs, like {-be'}.

The {be'} verb-suffix can be affixed to the pronoun, because in this context the pronoun is acting as a verb.


What might be possible is Suvbe'wI' -- "a non-fighter"? Not the same as "not a warrior", though.


I'm not sure if that's really the case, but Suvbe'wI' gives me a feeling of "non-fighter / opposite to fighter", something like a pacifist, rather than just someone who is not a warrior. Is there any sence in it?


I would translate Suvbe'wI' as "noncombatant" and leave the question of ability, affiliation or pacifism up to the context.


ah! So the pronoun acts as a verb because there is no existential "to be" in Klingon and thus the pronoun takes this part?


Pretty much, yes.

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