"Warum nehmen wir an, dass er alles weiß?"

Translation:Why do we assume that he knows everything?

June 21, 2018

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"Why do we consider that he knows everything?" is not accepted. Isn't it the same meaning?


Not sure at all about what I am saying, but maybe annehmen is more about assuming, in a way that you accept it, but it not really your initial consideration or opinion. To assume can even be used sometimes in hypothetical cases, when you suppose something . To consider would be more about defending your opinion. At least that's the difference I see between those two words in English, so I guess in German it's the same.


Why do we expect him to know everything.. it means the same as assume in this context. Why was I marked wrong?


'Why do we take it that he knows, everything? ' is surely a better translation


take in german is=assume in english


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