A language was added to my profile and I am unable to remove it.

I am a native English speaker and have been studying Spanish for a while. Recently, when I decided to download the app and sign in, it displayed everything in SPANISH rather than English and said that I was learning English. I switched it back to learning Spanish, but the "English Level 1" widget still remains on my profile and I am unable to remove it.

I went to settings, but "remove/eliminar" next to it is greyed out and unclickable. Only "reset progress" can be clicked. Due to my certain mental process, it is very frustrating to see it on my page because I like things organized, so I want it gone. It's really bothering me. Is there a way to forcibly remove it? If I can't remove it, can Duolingo staff do it?

(And yes, I have seen a few forums for this but they were from at least 4 years ago. Staff has to have already come up with a solution for this issue in 4 years, right?)

June 21, 2018


Staff has to have already come up with a solution for this issue in 4 years, right?)

No, unfortunately not.

Planned but low priority:

A way to remove courses from different base languages even if it's the last course from that base language (for now, you can reset your progress in a course to have it not show up in the dropdown)

June 21, 2018

I'm glad it's on the list! Thank you for your response.

June 22, 2018

Spanish-English would be the reverse tree.

This requires more typing in Spanish on crown levels L0-L3 (higher ratio) in comparison with your EN-SP forward tree, where you are pretty much forced to translate into English too much on the earlier crown levels.

IMHO there is no real need to hammer your head against the wall howto remove this course/language, as it is strongly advised by the DL community that you take this course too.

Maybe other users can give you concrete advise, when to exactly start this reverse tree.

Personally I would probably wait at least that you have ~50-75% progress, even better 85-100% of your forward tree completed, because of:

  • different content
  • probably new vocabulary (as I experience with PT-DE)
  • more complex Spanish sentences, directed to a native SP speaker, etc.
  • the "jumping Subjunctive" (out of nowhere), early in the tree

Unfortuantely, I can not give you concrete detail advise myself as I have not taken EN-SP and SP-EN because of my focus on the Portuguese courses right now.
But as I have seen on forums, the SP-EN tree (which seem to have got updates over time) was highly suggested by other Spanish learners as well, even BEFORE the EN-SP tree was updated to more (113) skills and 520 lessons:

June 22, 2018
  • 173

So have you gone to here:


Which should look similar to this:


June 21, 2018

I have gone there but it is not listed there with my other languages. It is listed on my language dropdown menu at the top of the screen (where you can hover and change languages), listed as "Ingl├ęs". When I click it, then it shows up in my settings as the only language (since it is the only language in that language tree with Spanish as a base language) and it is unable to be removed, only reset. It is because if it is the only language in the language tree, it is unable to be removed, which is ridiculous. I really just want it taken off my profile, but it seems that is still impossible... unless there is a way staff can take it off for me?

June 21, 2018
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