Dutch/Afrikaans "Geen" equals German "Kein"?

Hello everyone,

Is the Dutch and Afrikaans geen the same as the German kein?

It makes alot of sense that it should be so, because they sound nearly the same, they have the same usage, etc. but I just want to make sure.

(Sorry that this post is in the 'Duolingo' forum topic, but I cannot put it under both the German and Dutch topics and I want German and Dutch speakers/learners (and maybe also Afrikaans speakers) to see this. Thanks for your understanding! :D)

Thank you! AP4418

June 21, 2018


Indeed, they are the same!

June 21, 2018

Helemaal waar!

June 21, 2018

Yes, they are the same.

June 21, 2018

Ze zijn precies hetzelfde :) The same goes for many other words and even idioms by the way, which is why many Germans can easily learn Dutch and v.v.

June 21, 2018

Thanks for the answers guys! Have a lingot each!

June 22, 2018
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