"Nunueni vitabu"

Translation:Buy books

6/21/2018, 6:10:15 AM



Why not... You all buy books?????? Its plural.... ?

6/21/2018, 6:10:15 AM

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it's also in imperative form. I do get the confusion because they tend to be inconsistent when sentences are in command form. 'You all buy books' is more of a statement of fact in present tense so it would translate to '(nyinyi) nyote hununua vitabu' or '(nyinyi) nyote mnanunua vitabu' (nyote = you all).

You can either include the word 'nyinyi' or leave it out, since the prefix 'ny-' in 'nyote' stands in for 'you' plural

6/21/2018, 6:41:34 PM
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