Translation:We run in the park every Saturday.

6 months ago



"We are running in the park every Saturday" was not accepted as a proper translation by DL. I wonder why not?

4 months ago


Because you wouldn't really say that in English, it doesn't really make sense. You'd say we run every Saturday, not we are running.

3 months ago


Well, it could be used. For example:

"What is your running team doing for training?"

"We are running in the park every Saturday."

3 months ago


Not true ! We are running every saturday, is a normal expression, at least where I live , in Toronto. DL should be more consistent in their marking.

1 month ago


Why each Saturday isn't accepted?

6 months ago


Because it's not exactly the same thing, I'd imagine. It's close enough that I probably would have expected it to work, but personally I don't use "every Saturday" and "each Saturday" quite interchangeably.

6 months ago


Why isn't all the Saturdays accepted?

5 months ago

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When would you use that?

5 months ago

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Doesn't "on Saturdays" mean "every Saturday"?

4 months ago


Sometime but not always.

"I don't work on Saturdays."

"I only go camping on Saturdays."

It's a little context sensitive. Negatives tend to restrict from all instances (as in the first sentence), holding the same sense, whereas withqualifiers like "sometimes", "often", or (as in the second sentence) "only", it doesn't really hold the same meaning. Without such clarifying context, it's ambiguous, as in the sentence:

"I play games on Saturdays."

It might be every Saturday. It might be just a common Saturday occurance.

4 months ago


i assumed in english on saturdays is every saturday

4 months ago


I said 'we are running in the park'. However, it said that it was wrong. It said it had to be 'we go running in the park'. Why isn't the way I put it in correct as well?

3 months ago

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Repetitive actions generally use simple tenses in English.

2 months ago

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We go for a run in the park every Saturday. It was accepted. Please comment on my answer. Thanks.

2 months ago


When people ask, "What are you doing every Saturday?", the common response is "We are running in the park on Saturdays." The Merriam-Webster Spanish to English dictionary used "they're" as a translation. Present tense allows for "he runs" and "he is running". Reported

2 months ago


Because, programmers got lazy and didnt want to put every single input possible as correct. Just report it and move on

6 months ago
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