"Kdo vidí medvědy?"

Translation:Who can see bears?

June 21, 2018

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Where is the Czech word for "can"? Why is it not "Who sees bears?"?


English often uses "can" with "sensing verbs". "can see" is the same as "sees" https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/common-verbs/see


Again, "see" and "can see" can have very different implications in English. Are you saying there is no such nuance in Czech?


We use something like "může vidět" very rarely. Most "can see" should be just "vidět" in Czech.

If you are on a guided tour and the guide says "On the left you can see the famous bridge." Then yes, it can be "Nalevo můžete vidět ten slavný most.". But mostly we use just "vidět". Even in hypothetical situations like "My neighbour can see into our windows from his balcony." you can use "Můj soused vidí do našich oken ze svého balkónu." even though he is not actually standing there and looking. He is only able to see there if he wants. And we still say "vidí".


How would you say, "who sees the bears?"


"Can see" and "sees" are translated the same in Czech most of the time. The only thing different about your sentence is the addition of "the," so I believe you would say "Kdo vidí ty medvědy?"

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