Reporting errors when you get a picture

In a Portuguese lesson, I got a picture of a university student and a question what "Student" is called in Portuguese. The answer may be "aluno" or "estudante". I answered "estudante" and Duolingo said that it was wrong, I should have said "aluno". Maybe I am right, maybe Duolingo is right, I do not know. But I tried to report it in order for Duolingo to check if they have made a mistake. But in this situation, I am not allowed to report that the translation is wrong, only if I like the picture or not. I see this as a technical fault on the part of Duolingo. So, Duolingo technicians, please check this and, if possible, change your programming code so it is possible to report this siutation.

June 21, 2018


as if that's gonna help lol

June 21, 2018
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